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Student Organizations

2013-2014’s Recognized Student Organizations

Student Organization Registration Packets are accepted on an on-going basis from new student organizations, however, organizations that received an allocation from the Associated Students of Lewis & Clark Student Organizations Committee, must submit their 2013-2014 Student Organization Registration Packet to Student Activities by Friday, September 27, 2013.


Academic Organizations and Symposia

Biology Club -
Chinese Club -
Classics Club -
Entrepreneurship Club -
Environmental Affairs Symposium -
Forensics Team -
French Club -
Gender Studies Symposium -
German Club -
Health Professions Club -
International Affairs Club -  
International Affairs Symposium -
Japanese Club -
Literary Society -     <not currently recognized>
Math Club -
Mock Trial -
Model United Nations -
Pamplin Society of Fellows
Phi Beta Kappa
Philosophy Club -
Physics Club -
Poetry Appreciation Society -
Politics Club -
Pre-Law Club -
Programming Club -
Psych Club -
Ray Warren Symposium on Race and Ethnic Studies -
Russian Club -
Society of Economists -
Spanish Club -
Student Investment Club -
Watzek Student Advisory Committee -
William Stafford Symposium - Stafford at 100: Celebration and Reassessment -


Club Sports

Artemis Women’s Ultimate Frisbee -
Bacchus Men’s Ultimate Frisbee -
Club Diving (co-ed) -
Club Field Hockey (co-ed) -     <not currently recognized>
Club Tennis (co-ed) -
Club Water Polo (co-ed) -
Dance Team -
Men’s Club Lacrosse -     <not currently recognized>
Men’s Club Rugby -
Men’s Club Soccer -
Ping Pong Club (co-ed) -
Sailing Team (co-ed) -
Women’s Club Lacrosse -
Women’s Club Rugby -


International and Multicultural Organizations

Hawai’i Club -
International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC) -
Multicultural Organizations Seeking an Inclusive Community (MOSAIC) -
     Asian Student Union (ASU)
     Black Student Union (BSU)
     Gente Latina Unida (GLU)
     Native Student Union (NSU)
Pluralism and Unity Board (PUB) -
Third Culture Kids/Global Nomads (TCKs) -


Religious and Spiritual Organizations

Agape -
Buddhist Group -
Common Ground Pagan Student Alliance -
Fellowship of Christian Athletes -
Greater Portland Hillel -
Interfaith Council -
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (ACTS Community) -
Latter Day Saints Study Group
Meditation Group -
Muslim Students Association -
Mystical Groves: Deepening Roots, Expanding Skies -
Newman Club -
Unitarian Universalist Group -
Please contact Religious and Spiritual Life at for more information about any of the groups listed above.


Special Interest Organizations

Acabrella: The A Cappella Union -
     The Merryweathers -
     Momo & The Coop -
     The Ravine Academy -
    Section Line Drive -
     Semper Solus -
Admissions Interest Group -
Aikido Club -     <not currently recognized>
Anicca Group -
Anime Club -
Aperture Photography Club -     <not currently recognized>
Apocalips -
Art Week -
Association for Cross Cultural Interchange and Overseas Network (ACCION) -
Association of Non-Traditional Students (ANTS) -
Baking Club -     <not currently recognized>
Beekeeper’s Club -
Bike Co-Op -
Campus Activities Board (CAB) -
Campus Living Advisory Board (CLAB) -
Capture the Flag Club -
Chess Club -     <not currently recognized>
Climbing Club -
Cooking Club     <not currently recognized>
College Democrats -     <not currently recognized>
College Republicans -     <not currently recognized>
Custom Moto -     <not currently recognized>
Disc Golf Club -
Documentary Action Film Club -
Do-It-Yourself Club -     <not currently recognized>
Electronic Music Club -     <not currently recognized>
Fencing Club -
Film Club -
Fire Arts -
Fit Club -
Gaming Society -
Garden Collective -
Go Club -
Gumboot Club -
Gun Club -
Hacker Club -
Latin Dance Club -     <not currently recognized>
LiFT Student Productions -     <not currently recognized>
Little Wars - The Strategic and Historical War Gaming Club -
Mountain Bike Club -
Outdoor Professional Development Program -     <not currently recognized>
[O U T E R] Space Gallery -     <not currently recognized>
Paddle Club -
Parkour and Freerunning -
Pep Band -
The Platteau Student Art Center -
Rice Club -     <not currently recognized>
Rusty Nail Student Co-Op -
¡Salsa Club! -
Serious Club -
Sewing Society: A High Fashion Collective -
Shinobi Dance Club -     <not currently recognized>
Ski and Snowboard Club -
Spirit Crew -
Student Alumni Association (SAA) -
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (S-AAC) -
Students Support Services Network (SSSN) -
Suzuki/Viewpoints Club -
Swing and Ballroom Dance Club -
Travel Club -     <not currently recognized>
Ukulele Orchestra -     <not currently recognized>
Wax and Tracks: Nordic and Alpine Ski Club -     <not currently recognized>
Yoga Club -
Zymurgy Club -

Social Justice and Service Organizations

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) -     <not currently recognized>
Amnesty International -
Animal Collective -
BuildOn -
Circle of Friends -
Coalition for English Education and Social Advocacy (CEESA) -
Developing Understanding and Opportunities (DUO) -     <not currently recognized>
Equine Rescue Assistance Club -
Feminist Student Union (FSU) -
L&C Effect -
Queer Resource Center (QRC) -
Student Alliance for Bioregional Autonomy -     <not currently recognized>
Students Engaged in Eco-Defense (SEED) -
Students for Refugees     <not currently recognized>
Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) -     <not currently recognized>
United Genders and Sexualities -
Young Americans for Liberty -


Student Media

artEXPO Journal of the Arts in the Liberal Arts -
Journal of Social Justice -
KLC Radio -
Lewis & Clark Literary Review -
The Meridian Journal of International and Cross-Cultural Perspectives -
(Pause.) Journal of Dramatic Expression -
The Pioneer Log -
Polyglot Journal of Foreign Languages and Cultural Expression -
Senior Signatures -
Synergia Magazine of Gender Studies and Sexuality -


Organizations that are not currently recognized have not submitted their complete registration and recognition packet for the current academic year. If you are interested in revitalizing any of these organizations, please contact Student Activities at for more information on how to get any of these organizations restarted.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

Just because you didn’t find it listed doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist - don’t forget that student organizations can vary from year to year depending on student interest. Visit this site regularly for the most up-to-date information about student organizations and please contact Student Activities at if you’re interested in revitalizing any of the organizations listed as not currently recognized.

Student Organization Registration and Recognition

All student organization my register and be recognized by Student Activities. Student Organization Registration Packets are available here or at the Student Activities office. Registering and becoming recognized, your organization will make your organization eligible to get an email account (or get the account’s password reset if you already have one), get a LiveWhale page, reserve campus facilities, be able to promote your organization’s events on The Bark and the Campus Display System, and apply for funding from ASLC.

Student Government (Associated Students of Lewis & Clark) Contacts

Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC President) -
Student Senate -
Finance Committee -
Student Academic Affairs Board -
Student Organizations Committee -
Peer Review Authority -
Community Service and Relations -
Auditory -

Student Organizations

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