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New Student Orientation (NSO)

Pioneer Success Institute

As a complement to New Student Orientation, the Pioneer Success Institute is a seminar series that all degree-seeking students must take in their first semester at Lewis & Clark. Pioneer Success Institute sessions will meet once a week for 90 minutes for the first six weeks of the semester to support your transition into the Lewis & Clark community and to explore topics including resources for academic success, wellness, leadership opportunities, and cultural competency. Additional information will be sent to your Lewis & Clark email address later in the summer.


Instructions for Registration will be sent out August 11th 2017.



  1. Transitioning for College Success
  2. Difference, Power, and Responsibility
  3. Wellness 
  4. Developing a Future, Today
  5. Leadership for Social Change
  6. Sexual Health and Consent

Each incoming student will need to sign-up for a PSI session after registering for classes, so that they may be placed into their cohort. Each cohort will consist of approximately 30 students. The cohorts will meet with their facilitators once a week. The cohort will meet at the same time and place on a weekly basis for the first weeks of the semester.  

Learning Outcomes:

  • As a result of completion of PSI, first-year and transfer students will be able to integrate academically and socially by making the campus connections that will increase their knowledge of resources, services and programs.

  • As a result of completion of PSI, first-year and transfer students will report increased affinity with Lewis & Clark community.

  • As a result of PSI, first-year and transfer students will be able to demonstrate how being proactive in their approach to making informed life choices, taking responsibility for their actions, and utilizing appropriate resources helps them to maintain their personal health, wellness and safety.


PSI is recruiting Student Co-Facilitators for Fall 2017! Interested students apply here.


Check out the PSI FAQs to get more information about the program. 

Please feel free to contact the PSI Team at with any questions you may have.



Learn more about the Division of Student Life.  Click HERE to see the Division’s Briefing Book.









New Student Orientation (NSO)

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