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Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

IME Lending Library

IME has a bunch of cool books & other resources for you to use!
We have them in three locations:
Honor Code for the Lending Library
  1. Anyone can use these books, but please take care of them. Put them back in the same condition you found them in.

  2. When you want to take a book outside of its assigned space shoot a quick email to IME ( All you have to do is send the Book (or CD/DVD) Title, where you checked it out from, and your Student ID number (ex. The New Jim Crow, MRC, 1800235).  

  3. To make sure everyone gets a chance to enjoy these awesome reads/listens, please have these items returned within a month.

  4. That’s it! Happy Reading!

Here’s a link to the full listing of books/resources in the IME Lending Library.


The Library is full of course required readings, from E&D to upper-level ethnic and gender studies classes, to science textbooks, but it also has children’s books, pleasure reads and thought-provoking contemporary (and ancient) pieces.

Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

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