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Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

Past GE Participant Testimonials

“Great Expectations really helped me become more comfortable at Lewis & Clark. As a first generation
college student, GE was a place for me to find community, friends, and connect with staff members that want to help me succeed. I enjoyed all the activities we did, especially the activity where we were listening to a partner answer a question for two minute. This promoted active listening and this quality is something that I have used throughout my year at LC. GE was an opportunity to ease into starting college. It can be difficult in general, but GE helped me feel like I wasn’t alone. The friends that I made at GE helped too  because we— at the very least— still talk while passing by each other in the halls. A lot of us are actively apart of IME that, for me, has acted as a space to destress, laugh, and feel like I belong. I know that everybody in the IME Office and everybody connected to GE are willing to help me, and this helps me feel less nervous asking for help. Great Expectations is a wonderful way to ease into college by meeting peers, and finding community and I would recommend it!”
-Sam Duran ’20
Max Colmenares“At the Great Expectations retreat, I participated in a small group activity that really stuck with me. The activity involved going around in a circle answering questions as honestly and concisely as possible. Some of the questions were amusing and resulted in amusing answers. Many were serious, however. People shared things that they had been struggling with and the ways in which they looked at the world. I was able to relate to people when they said things I felt myself and grasp their depth of personhood even if I hadn’t shared their experience. We were all in a vulnerable space that forced us to see each other for all we were. I am still friends with one or two people from that group, but most of them I don’t talk to regularly. I am okay with this though, because what the activity gave me an opportunity to realize that everyone has depth and everyone has struggles. The fact that I had such a close experience with people who aren’t a regular part of my life made me more conscious of this fact in any person I run into on campus. It also made me realize that it was okay to struggle, it was okay not to be completely ready for all the challenges of college because no one’s really ready for all the challenges of life. It made me excited to be part of this community and less afraid that I wasn’t prepared to be a part of it.”
- Max Colmenares ’20

“I absolutely loved GE, it was a fantastic chance to meet new people of all Zeinbackgrounds who would be in my class for the upcoming academic year. Hanging out with people who I may not have met otherwise in such an informal and relaxed setting was a good way to ease us into living on our own and being our own self-representation. I enjoyed all the group activities we did that broke people out of their shells and eased the tensions but kept the buzz of anticipation high. GE gave me, a student coming from outside the US, a chance to ease into the culture a little bit and made me quite comfortable when I finally did arrive on the L&C campus. It was nice to know I had developed those friendships during NSO, when everyone else was still getting acquainted with each other. The faculty and staff that came along during GE were also so friendly, helpful, and brilliant and they all continue to be mentors that I know I can talk to freely.”

- Zein Hassanein ’13 




 “Great Expectations was the perfect way for me to start my freshman year. I got the chance to make connections with staff and upperclassmen that were a great resource for me throughout the year. I made several new friends who helped make my transition much easier and more comfortable. We were given great advice about doing well in college and a lot of information about the resources available to us. And of course we had a great time hanging out on the beach, playing games, and making s’mores.”

- Hailey Walls ’13 




“Great Expectations was an AMAZING experience! As a senior going into Great Expectations, I knew I’d get to meet some of the new freshmen, learn about resources on campus, and generally have fun. But I got so much more than I was expecting (maybe that’s why they call it Great Expectations). We had more fun than I thought possible within 2 days (was it really only 2 days?) From hilarious team building exercises (try the twisty knot and balancing plank!) to standing around in the sand to the most competitive Ultimate Frisbee game in existence to singing Rapper’s Delight (ironically not Kumbaya) around a bonfire– it had something for everyone. Even talking about the resources at LC made me realize how much the staff and faculty were there for the students (Best moment: Chatting with Dinari while we played cards). But I’m most surprised by how many people I got to know that I wouldn’t have otherwise (both freshmen and continuing students alike). I got to be that first connection for some students and it made all the difference to both of us. I wish it would have happened earlier… “

- Yollie Keeton ’10 


Haiko“When I first signed up to be a mentor for Great Expectations, I expected to meet new people, share some of my “senior” wisdom, and spend some time away from campus. What actually happened at Great Expectations was much more meaningful and much more fun. GE gave me the opportunity to form friendships and relationships with people who I might not normally run into on campus. This includes first year students, athletes, and transfer students. Nearly 8 months later, I’m still friends with these students. We eat dinner together, watch movies, and hang out. It is cute because collectively, the students refer to themselves as the “GE kids”. We all formed lasting relationships on the retreat, not only with other students but with faculty and staff members as well. I still give advice to students who I met at Great Expectations. The whole time I was there I kept thinking “Why didn’t they do this earlier? I wish I could have done this as a first year.” While you are meeting great people, you are also doing exciting things like boating, s’mores, singing around a campfire, playing sports, and building sandcastles. I also got to share my experiences as a student and help students plan, prepare, and get excited about their time at LC. My greatest regret is that I won’t be able to do it again next year!”

- Hanako Conrad ’10

Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

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