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Where’s Your Head At? 
Monday 10pm - 12am

Where’s Your Head At is a sonic experience bringing only the deepest, funkiest, and most jagged beats heard in the world’s most premier discotheques and parties. Join your hosts Aaron Chacon and Emily VanKoughnett, both experienced DJs and music aficionados in dropping danceable, 4/4 beats to liven up your Monday evenings. Grab a drink and a friend and tune in.

Girls Girls Girls
Tuesdays 7pm - 8 pm

Tune in for a range of music featuring female vocalists, new tracks as well as oldies! Rock, electronic, folk, alternative and more. Some varied commentary, musings about songs, backgrounds of artists etc. Celebrating femininity and music—men will enjoy as well! Hosted by Anna McClain.


The Hotbox
Wednesdays 9-10pm

We play a variety of tasty licks and heady tunes combined with some wet commentary. TUNE IN. Brought to you by Eazy G, Shmeags, and DJ CREDIT CARD AKA PUP BREATH AKA ___________.



Esoterica ”˜n’ Shit
Sunday 3pm - 4pm

Tasteful music for those with tasteful taste. We draw on such artists such as Tom Waits, The Flaming Lips, Pink Floyd, Meatloaf, and Gustav Mahler. Occasional commentary on musical history, post-modernism, sex, and always a guest performance by


Sunday 6pm - 8pm

Bringing you the self-proclaimed best indie, alternative, folk, rock on the planet! Mixing it up with the occasional destruction of a horrible top-40 rap song, sets of Disney music, or rants about hockey - Shannon’s SHANNANIGANS will brighten up your Sunday night blues. Your only excuse for not listening is if you are a velociraptor.