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Student Academic Affairs Board (SAAB)

SAAB Tutoring Program

SAAB Tutoring is a program of Peer-to-Peer tutoring free for students to use. In this program, students who have excelled in a course are paid to provide free help to students who are currently enrolled in the course. Students are eligible to receive two hours of tutoring from a tutor each week.

The Tutoring Program now uses Ocelot (beta) to request tutors. Follow the link below to find courses with available tutors and send a request.

Request a Tutor Here


Contacting a Tutor

Saab Tutors are students too— you will be most successful in setting up appointments with them if you give them as much advance notice as possible. If you would like to request a tutor, Go To Ocelot to browse available courses. Email if you have any questions, or to request a tutor in a course that is not currently on Ocelot.


Becoming a SAAB Tutor

If you have excelled in a course, are motivated by its material, and feel like you can communicate that material to others, consider applying to become a tutor. The full job description is posted below. Fill out the relevant application below, get it signed by your professor (either in person or by e-signature) and email it to or return it to the Tutoring Documents Folder outside the SAAB Office. The SAAB office is located adjacent to the Templeton Foyer.

Job Description - Tutor

Tutoring Application (General)

Tutor Application (Foreign Languages)

Resources for Tutors
Documents Needed to Enter Hours on Workday

Tutoring Logs


SAAB Director of Tutoring Programs

Sophia Canon


SAAB Tutoring Program Assistant

now Hiring!


Office Hours:



The SAAB office is located on the main (2nd) floor of Templeton, next to the Council Chamber.



Disclaimer: SAAB Tutoring is not a program that professors can require you to participate in any form. A professor may suggest you get a tutor, but they cannot require you get tutoring through SAAB as part of your grade or as a requirement for a class. Nor is SAAB Tutoring a replacement for the Symbolic and Quantitative Reasoning Center (SQRC) or the Writing Center. Both of these centers are there to help you with those specific subjects and are available during regular weekly hours. Students with questions in these subjects may wish to consider visiting one of these resources before contacting a SAAB Tutor.


For information concerning learning differences and/or learning disabilities:

Please contact Student Support Services. SSS provides a wide range of services, support and advocacy for students with a variety of disabilities and learning differences.