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Opportunities in Science at Lewis & Clark

Faculty Application

The John S. Rogers Science Research Program supports collaborative faculty/student research projects during the summer. All faculty in the Mathematical & Natural Sciences division are eligible to apply; other fields are eligible by invitation only.   Proposed projects may be laboratory-based, field-based, theoretical, or any combination thereof.

You must agree to supervise one or two students for ten weeks. You must have submitted at least one proposal to an external funding agency within the last calendar year. Exception: if you are initiating a new project, then you may apply to Rogers, with the expectation that you will use this seed money to develop your project and apply for external funding the following year.

What is Available?
The Rogers Program provides the following financial support:

  • Faculty stipend, $5500
  • Research supplies, up to $1000
  • Student stipend, per student: $4000 plus $600 housing allowance

Faculty stipends may be adjusted depending on the pool of available funds.

Faculty with External Research Support
If you have external funding, then you are also eligible to submit an application to the Rogers Program to supplement your external support. The following supplements will be considered:

  • Faculty stipend (if your grant does not provide faculty support)
  • Student stipends (if you want to hire additional students not covered by your grant)
  • Student stipend supplement (to bring your student stipends up to the $4000 level)
  • Student housing allowance (each of your students will get $600)

How to Apply (for full or supplemental support)
Download the faculty application form: Rogers Application. The application includes a 100-word abstract that will be used to advertise your research project to students on the Rogers Web site.

Student Applications
Interested students will fill out a general application (identifying their research interests, giving their educational background and grades, providing references, etc.) Students will be informed of which faculty are seeking student interns, and will list their preferences from among the available faculty projects. From among the applicants, each faculty member will select a group to interview. From among these interviewees, faculty will select their student interns. The Rogers Steering Committee will work with faculty to arbitrate final choices. Please note: All successful CELS undergraduate interns who confirm their acceptance of an internship will be required to pass a background check processed through the Human Resources Department before they can be officially hired.  CELS Program staff will work with the students to ensure the process is done quickly, with an approximate turnaround time of 3 days after submission to HR.

If you have questions about the application process or about your eligibility, please contact Michael Broide at 503-768-7581 or email:

2016 Important Dates

January 25  Faculty applications for full and supplemental funding due.
February 12  Faculty informed of funding decisions; student positions advertised.
February 26 Student applications due.

Feb 29-
March 11

Faculty interview select students.
March 15 Faculty ranking of interns (and backups) due.
March 18 Students notified if they have been selected or not.
March  28 Students decide whether to accept offered positions.