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Ghana: Summer (Music)

Semester: Summer
Offered: Summer 2014
Program Focus: General Culture with a Music emphasis and internship experience.


Minimum of 2.0 GPA is required.                                                                 

IA 230: African Politics & Literature
MUS 105: Introduction to World Music
MUS 150: Beginning Ghanaian Music and Dance                                                                        

Summer 2014
Program Leader:

Beth Szczepanski
Visiting Assistant Professor of Music
ext. 7417                                                                   

Program Design:
This program is designed by the Music Department and focuses on traditional and neo-traditional arts and expressive culture of Ghana, West Africa.  In addition to participating in regular drumming and dance classes taught by master teachers in Accra, students will travel to regions outside the capital to visit cultural and historical sites, meet local artists and craftspeople, and attend ceremonies.  The program is open to any student, but those with well-defined interests and experience with one of the arts interests in Sociology/Anthropology and International Studies will benefit most.  Binding us together during our lecture and seminar sessions will be an exploration of how history, politics, and contemporary globalization have influenced arts and culture.

Requirements Fulfilled:
Fulfills Creative Arts and the two-course International Studies requirement.

3 courses /12 credits


MUS 219: World Music Intensive (4 credits):
This course will offer hands-on experience learning about the music, dance, and culture of Ghana, from experienced performers from a variety of ethnic groups.  Lewis and Clark faculty member, Alex Addy, will be the lead instructor and will teach sessions on Ga drumming three times a week.  Additionally, he will facilitate instruction with drummers from other ethnic groups, as well as lessons on the giri (Ghanaian marimba), dance classes with members of the National Dance company, and visits to local drum-makers (fulfills ethnomusicology requirement.)

IS 241: Contemporary Ghana (4 credits):
This course will focus on a wide variety of contemporary issues in Ghana including colonialism and its legacies, the impact of nationalist movements, political systems and institutions, gender roles, modernization and urbanization, and geography.

IS 242: Balancing the Global and Local in Ghanaian Expressive Culture (4 credits):
This course will investigate the ways in which Ghanaian musicians and artists have combined local and foreign traditions to create work that reflects their experience.  We will consider theories regarding globalization, how it affects Ghanaian culture, and whether it is different from the cultural borrowing that has occurred in the past.  We will ask whether globalization means the destruction of local traditions by foreign styles or whether local styles are resilient enough to survive this, and whether the answers to these questions have changed over time.  The class will be conducted in seminar format.  Students will also attend concerts and go on field trips.  They will write two 3-5 page concert reviews, keep a  reading/listening/video journal,  seminar presentations, and conduct a short research project under faculty guidance.  This research project will culminate in a seminar presentation and a term paper on some aspect of globalization in contemporary art or music.

Suggested Readings:
Nketia, J.H. Kwabena. The Music of Africa. New York, 1974.
Collins, John. West African Pop Roots. Philadelphia: Temple University press, 1992


General Information

Passport Details:
You will be required to email a high-resolution, color scan of your passport to the Overseas Office within 30 days of being accepted into a program. We recommend that you apply for a passport as early as possible. For more info, visit our Passport Resources page.

Visa fees and requirements: A visa is required for this program.  You will be notified when it is time to apply and our office has received all of the necessary supporting documents. 

Please make an appointment with Student Health Service to get an updated list of immunizations that are recommended or mandatory for this program. You may also be required to submit various test results (HIV, chest x-rays, etc.) as a part of your visa application.

Students will be required to show proof of health insurance with coverage for international travel, as per the Affordable Care Act. Lewis & Clark College will provide supplemental travel insurance coverage.

International Student Identity Card: 
The ISIC is required for the program. You will be notified of how to obtain it the semester prior to departure.

Fees To Plan For:
Fees for the following items are not included in the comprehensive program fee:
Passport fees
Required photographs
Visa fees
International Student Identity Card
Immunizations and health exams
Transportation to city of departure
Post-program travel