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Overseas and Off-Campus Programs

Two-Step Programs

If you have been requested by a student who is applying for an Overseas program to submit a reference on his/her behalf, please access the reference form by clicking on the button below. You will be given a choice of submitting an Academic or Personal reference, please make sure to select the appropriate form.

You will need the student’s Lewis & Clark ID number in order to submit your reference. Students have been instructed to include this number in their emails to you, but if the student has not given their ID number, please obatin one from the student before proceeding.
You will have a maximum of 45 minutes for each student to answer the questions and submit the reference form.
Therefore please set an amount of time aside before proceeding.  Thank you for agreeing to serve as a reference for our student(s).
NOTE: The website may ask you for a login info. If this is the case, please sign in as a “Guest” and leave the login fields blank.
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