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Environmental Affairs Symposium

Student-Organized Engagement Events & Projects


Lewis & Clark students have the opportunity to organize environmental engagement events & projects throughout the 2017-18 academic year, following Symposium launch week in October.

Interested students are strongly urged to attend the environmental engagement training event on Wed Oct 25 and proposal workshop on Thu Oct 26. Students then participate in a proposal process, for which final decision rests with faculty in the ENVS Program; see below for details.

Activity Options

Here are the two options:

  1. EVENTS are one-time engagement activities (e.g., for an evening or weekend) for which documented reimbursements up to $250 are supported.
  2. PROJECTS are ongoing engagement projects (e.g., for one semester or the entire year) for which scholarly stipends of $500 per semester are provided—note that this amount is the total stipend per project, so per-student stipends for group-based projects are less.

Both events and projects must follow the approach to environmental engagement summarized here.

We anticipate funding for up to approximately 10 events and 10 projects in 2017-18.

Proposal Process

To submit a proposal, click here. A PDF version of the proposal is here.

The proposal format assumes three important components of environmental engagement: what (environmental scholarship), who (people with whom you wish to connect), and how (connecting actions). Proposals will be assessed based on the quality of these three elements, and the anticipated doability and impact of the proposed activity.

Proposals will be accepted on an ongoing basis following launch week. Decisions will be made by faculty in the ENVS Program, in consultation with the ENVS Steering Committee. Decisions will typically be made within two weeks.

For further information, please contact the ENVS Program.

Environmental Affairs Symposium

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