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What Is It?
Delicious and Diigo are social bookmarking sites we use to pool our web-based resources—links to research articles, GIS data, environmental organizations, image repositories, student research projects, and concept maps. A bookmark on Delicious and Diigo function much the same as a bookmark on your own computer, with the main difference being that they are accessible by anyone. Bookmarks can have tags (keywords) added to them which help describe and categorize the bookmark.

This is the default student-input account hosted via Diigo. Students may add any type of ENVS-appropriate resource without adhering to any sort of tag convention. This database is intended to be a “free-for-all” place for students to add anything they think may be useful to other students.

This is a Delicious database for resources specific to any of the ten ENVS situated research sites. In order to make the application as useful as possible, this database uses a defined set of tags which will be enforced.

This is a Delicious database for GIS metadata resources. In order to differentiate shapefiles and other GIS-specific resources, this database holds information other than the websites, citations, online documents, etc. which can be found in the research resources database described above. As with the research site database, the GIS metadata database also uses a defined set of tags which will be enforced.

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