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Bates Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Igniting Liberal Arts Education With Entrepreneurial Spirit

We foster innovative leaders. Utilizing academic and programming engagement, our John E. and Susan S. Bates Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership invites students, faculty, alumni, and professionals into meaningful and creative collaborations to define problems, create opportunities, and invent solutions. 

More info on the recent endowed gift and new name for our center.

At Lewis & Clark, entrepreneurship is about guiding students to take the essential liberal arts base of writing, analysis, problem solving and collaboration, add the dimension they learn in our program, and apply it to their career — at a start up, non-profit, or large organization. We combine academic rigor with active exploration into trending topics in technology, health care, marketing, education, environment and philanthropy. The workplace and marketplace have utterly changed since Lewis & Clark students were born and will look different again when they graduate. We help our students anticipate, navigate and participate in this change.

Our mission is to help our students recognize and build both their strengths and opportunities in order to achieve their goals. This includes students taking risks and starting ventures, large and small, global and local. We facilitate formation, financing and networking. Even if they fail, they have learned many lessons in a supportive environment.

They say that if attending a liberal arts college does not change you, you did it wrong. We empower that change.  

Bates Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership

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