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Health Promotion and Wellness

Portland Area Resources

Portland Women’s Crisis Line                                                                           24-Hour Crisis Line                                                                                        (503) 235-5333

Toll Free                                                                                                       (888) 235-5333

Business Line                                                                                                   (503) 232-9751                                                                                        Website:

PWCL is the oldest crisis line in the state of Oregon, and provides a 24-hour state-wide hotline for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and concerned family, friends and community members. Hotline advocates are available to provide crisis intervention and to connect callers with local domestic violence and sexual assault/rape service providers.

The hotline also serves as the centralized domestic violence crisis line for the Tri-County area (Multnhomah, Clackamas, and Washington counties). Advocates are able to provide information and referrals for area domestic violence services, including shelter and emergency assistance.

Sexual Assault Resource Center                                                                    24-Hour Crisis Line                                                                                        (503) 640-5311

Toll Free. (888) 640-5311                                                                        Website:

This number connects to an operator who will take the survivor’s name (can be anonymous) and number, and will have an advocate call the survivor back immediately.

Services provided are free, anonymous and confidential. The Sexual Assault Resource Center advocate will provide resources and referrals to counseling, hospitals, legal information, safe places, support groups, multi-cultural/bilingual resources and religiously affiliated resources.

Rape Victim Advocates (Business Hours)                                                  Multnomah County                                                                                         (503) 988-3222*

Washington County                                                                                      (503) 846-8698*

Clackamas County (24-Hour)                                                                               (503) 655-8616

These services are free and anonymous. The advocate will provide resources and referrals to counseling, safe places, and support groups. This service specializes in legal options, information and assistance regarding criminal charges and crime victim compensation.

*These numbers will connect you with the Victim’s Assistance Office of the Counties’ District Attorneys.

Planned Parenthood: Columbia Willamette (PPCW)                                      PPCW (questions, appointments, find a health center)                                     (503) 788-7273 

PPCW Toll Free                                                                                              (888) 576-7526

National Toll Free (Health Center Locator)                                                      (800) 230-7526                                                                                                 Website:                                            

Planned Parenthood services are anonymous, with payment on a sliding scale fee. If requested, services will not be listed on insurance record. Payments may be made over a set time period. Other fee-for-service options include: pregnancy testing and options counseling, STD screening, morning-after pill, and HIV testing.

YWCA                                                                                                                  Portland                                                                                                                   (503) 294-7400

Vancouver                                                                                                     (800) 695-0167

YWCA Shelter/Yolanda House                                                                             (503) 977-7930

Services are free and include a domestic violence shelter, sexual abuse support groups, and one-on-one counseling.

Sexual Minorities Youth Resource Center                                                    (503) 872-9664                                                                                        Website:

SMYRC provides mental health counseling to sexual minority youth 23 and under. Services include assessment, individual treatment, groups, couples, and family therapy.

Portland Area Legal Assistance                                                                Police Emergency Number                                                                              911

Police Non-Emergency Number                                                                     (503) 823-3333

Multnomah County Victim Assistance                                                               (503) 988-3222

Police Sexual Assault Detail Department (M-F, 8 am-4pm)                               (503) 823-0434

Domestic Violence Reduction Unit (8 am-4pm)                                              (503) 998-6400

If an assault has recently occurred, it is suggested that the survivor call either 911 to speak directly to the police; or call Victim Assistance at (503) 988-3222, to speak to an individual advocate who will work with the survivor to provide legal options and support on an individual basis. Advocates work out of the County District Attorney’s office, not the police department.