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Albany Society

The Albany Society is an honorary organization of Lewis & Clark College alumni from classes that have been graduated 50 or more years. The Society encourages senior alumni to enrich their lives by re-connecting with classmates and with the College through participation in a variety of Alumni Association and Albany Society-sponsored activities. The Society, founded in 1999, works to enhance alumni renaissance by encouraging members to strengthen their bonds between themselves and the College and to extend those strengthened bonds to all senior alumni.

The Gatehouse

A publication exclusively for alumni who have graduated 50 or more years ago. Click on an issue to download a PDF version.

2013-14 Albany Society Board of Directors

Chuck Charnquist ’58 - Beaverton, OR
Delores Chenoweth ’62, Chair - Portland, OR
Jim Cole ’54 - Beaverton, OR
Curt Copenhagen ’55 - Longview, WA
Rod Downey ’50 - Lake Oswego, OR
John Fergison ’51 - Portland, OR
Don Floren ’53 - Portland, OR
Barbara Pfau Getty ’56 MAT ’78 - Portland, OR
Marlene Haldors ’58, Treasurer - Portland, OR
Donna Macklin Lawrence ’52 - Lake Oswego, OR
Frank Lawrence ’52 - Lake Oswego, OR
Bill Mangels ’55 - Portland, OR
Donna Reed Manning ’61 - Beaverton, OR
John Marandas ’62, Vice Chair - Portland, OR
Bob McEnany ’50 - Vancouver, WA
Diana Fields Nelson ’60, Secretary - Milwaukie, OR
Ken Servas ’54 - Vancouver, WA
Jim Stell ’60 - West Linn, OR
Jack Venables ’56 - Portland, OR

Past Chairs
Pat Hibbard ’52 - 2005
Don Floren ’53 - 2006, 2012-13
Ray Hoen ’54 - 2007
Bob Godel ’51 - 2008
Jim Cole ’54 - 2009
Frank Lawrence - 2010
Chuck Charnquist - 2011

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Albany Society Gardeners

On a rainy day in April 2011 Don Hoyt ’50, Bill Mangels ’55, Jim Stell ’60, Curt Copenhagen ’55, and Jim Cole ’54 volunteered their gardening expertise for a grounds improvement project at the Morgan S. Odell Alumni Gatehouse. The result of their pruning, shearing, and digging can be seen and appreciated at the Gatehouse patio.