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Tour Guides

Tour guides will give you a chance to see aspects of academic and residential life from a current student’s perspective. Tours are available Monday-Saturday throughout the year and serve as the central piece of every campus visit.

Alec Ballweg ’18

Major: English

Hometown: Madison, WI

Why did you choose L&C: I chose LC because I love the beauty of the campus and Portland as a whole, the amazing academics, and the sense of community.”

What do you like to do in your free time: In my free time I spend a lot of time playing Ultimate Frisbee with my team.  I also like going downtown or just hanging out on campus with friends.







Akira Abderrahman ’17

 Rhetoric and Media Studies

 Burbank, CA

Your favorite class and why: My favorite class I have taken was Rhetorical Theory with Mitch Reyes. Mitch helped me understand and appreciate some of the greatest orators of all time, in a way that I never felt possible.

What clubs are you involved in: If you are interested in studying abroad, DO IT!!! My semester abroad in East Africa was the best decision I have ever made. I was on safari for 4 straight weeks taking a terrestrial biology course. We lived out of tents and elephants would frequently walk through camp. You could literally hear the lions and hyenas hunt at night.



Anna Lyubinina ’19

Major: Psychology and Mathematics/Computer Science

Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA

What clubs are you involved in and why: I am junior vice president of the psychology club and I am in charge of organizing our first psychology symposium! My passion for social and developmental psychology as well as my desire to understand and interact with others drives my involvement with the psychology department. I am also treasurer of the Third Culture Kids board, where I can bond with others who have lived in other parts of the world. My involvement with Russian Club allows me to practice my Russian speaking skills without having to take a class and to share my native culture with others. 

Your favorite place on campus and why: My favorite place on campus is the reflecting pool because the view is gorgeous rain or shine, and I love seeing students spend time together doing what they enjoy outdoors, whether it be studying, playing the guitar, painting or playing ultimate frisbee. 




Brynn Rova ’19


Hometown: Saint Michael, MN

What clubs are you involved in: I am mainly involved with more artistic activities. I love singing, so I participate in both choir and a cappella. Choir is great for honing music skills, while a cappella is much more fun and relaxed and a great place to make friends. This year, I also decided to do more theater (something I was very into before college). I’m currently in the main stage production, and I’m having such a great time meeting people and getting reintroduced to a huge passion of mine that I’ve been thinking of possibly double majoring in both English and theater. 

Your favorite place on campus and why: There’s this small stone bench that’s hidden  in the trees over by the outdoor pool that I absolutely love. It’s a nice, quiet place to study and read. The view is gorgeous, and it’s right under a giant tree so you don’t get soaked whenever it rains. Plus, it’s right along a nice path that people like to walk their dogs along which makes my day even better. 



Dara Reckard ’18

Major: Rhetoric and Media Studies

Minor: Theater

Hometown: Kula, Hawaii

Your favorite event at LC and why? Bounce-a-palooza. Who doesn’t like bouncy castles? It’s a great way to have fun and workout at the same time.

What do you like to do in your free time: I like to play video games/board games, watch movies, go hiking/camping, go swimming, eat food and hang with my friends. 





Processed with VSCO with m5 presetElana Freeman ’19

Major: Rhetoric and Media Studies

Minor: Studio Art

Hometown: El Cerrito, California (Bay Area)

What you like to do in your free time: You can either find me with my film camera getting lost in Portland (literally not metaphorically), hiking through Tryon, working in the ceramics studio, eating excessive amounts of sushi, sorting through different thrift stores, binge watching a show on Netflix, giving a tour on campus, or petting every cat I see! 

Your favorite place on campus and why: Although, it is not technically on campus I love hiking in Tryon.



Elly McClane ’19

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Reason for choosing L&C: LC is located in an amazing place! Portland is full of great opportunities, plus I can be on the coast or in the mountains in under 90 minutes. Also, I love the strong feeling of community at the school.

Your favorite place on campus and why: On a really nice day, I love to hand out on south campus with some friends. The lawn gets a lot of sun and has great trees for hanging a hammock. If it’s really warm, sometimes people set up a giant slip and slide. 




Emily Cornett ’18

Major: International Affairs

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Your favorite professor or class and why: My favorite class has been United States Foreign Policy.  The professor, Cyrus Partovi, was amazing, and we had some great debates!

What you like to do in your free time: I enjoy knitting, hiking, and Netflix.  My friends and I have started doing Knitting Night in our dorm rooms!









Hannah Ring ’19  

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Ashland, OR

Reasons for choosing L&C?          I chose Lewis & Clark because during my visit I immediately felt at home on the campus. Once the time came to make my decision I could only really see myself at Lewis & Clark.

Your favorite place on campus and why?   My favorite place on campus is the large bridge that passes over the ravine. I get to walk over it every day on the way to class and each time it feels like I am about to start a wonderful adventure.



Izzy Fikso ’17

Major: Foreign Languages and Literatures

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Why did you choose L&C?   I chose LC because it provided the perfect balance of rigorous academics and competitive athletics. The first time I stepped on the Lewis and Clark campus I fell in love with the grounds and the buildings. It felt like home. I tried the food and I slept in the dorms and I knew this was a place where I could spend the next four years of my life.

Who is you favorite professor? My favorite class I have taken at LC was intro to international affairs with Elizabeth Bennet. Every day I left class wanting to explore and research. Elizabeth encouraged me to think critically about global social issues, question my beliefs, and she changed the way I think about the world. Not to mention my final was a coffee house discussion.



Kathryn McFadden ’18

Majors: International Affairs and German
Hometown: North Andover, MA
What’s your favorite place on campus and why: 

My favorite spots on campus are in the Estate Gardens and the woods that border them. Not only are the gardens gorgeous but I can always find a quiet place to sit and relax. Especially as a freshman living with a roommate it was nice to know that I could always find a quiet bench to relax on.

Why did you choose L&C: 

I was lucky enough to visit campus as a prospective student while the International Affairs Symposium was taking place. I already knew that I wanted to study IA and I was impressed by both the student involvement and passion that clearly went into organizing the Symposium and the speakers that they were able to bring to the school. This, combined with the year long study abroad program in Munich offered by the German department drew me in!



Mali PetersonWood ’19

Major: Psychology/Neuroscience

Hometown: Sonora, CA

What do you like to do in your free time:In the small amount of free time that I have between juggle three jobs, being an active member on two collegiate level sports teams attend two weekly club meetings and taking 16 credits, I like to watch The Office on netflix, watch my Betta fish swim around in his little tank, exercise, explore Portland with my friends, and occasionally I squeeze in scrap booking.

What advice would you give an incoming freshmen/transfer student: I would have to say, take advantage of the time you get to spend at Lewis and Clark. Many people don’t realize how incredibly special this school, community and group of people truly are. Join clubs, try out for a sports team, take a class you maybe never thought to take, make friends outside of your comfort zone.





Molly Brown ’19

Major: Undeclared

 Port Townsend, WA

What was your favorite event at L&C and why: I really liked Once Upon A Weekend. It
was a whirlwind of ideas and interesting costume choices, with lots of good energy from
both the audience and the performers.

Your favorite place on campus and why: My favorite place on campus is the radio
station. There are lots of comfy couches and cool CD’s and free stickers. There’s good
music and friendly people!




Noam Margalit ’18

Major(s): Sociology and Anthropology

Hometown: Chicago, IL

What do you like to do in your free time: In my free time I either try to find a corner of campus for recreational reading or Netflix. My friends and I alternate between game nights and movie nights and monthly fun days dedicated to getting off campus and seeing Portland.

What advice would you give a first year student: The best advice I got before starting school, is what I always tell those who ask me: Try everything. College offers everything whether it is here or if someone wants to start it. Now is when you have the time in life to embrace trying new things, clubs, classes, languages, foods, etc. I’ve tried to do it all!



 Sophia Vigeant ’19

Major: English

Hometown: Tomales, CA

What is your favorite class?  I love the English class I am taking right now. It’s called Reading and Writing in the Outdoors; the professor is awesome. We get to actually go outside for class and we are encouraged to explore the nature around us and write about it for homework!

What has been one of your favorite events on campus?  I loved going to Open Mic at the Co-Op and getting a chance to talk with all the talented student musicians, poets and artists who showed off their talent.



Sydney Steel ’19

Major: Biology & Environmental Studies

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Reasons for choosing L&C? The Pacific Northwest has always intrigued me, and after I visited campus, I knew that this school was the place to be! Everyone here is so welcoming and supportive. I couldn’t see myself spending my four years anywhere else.

What advice would you give an incoming freshman/transfer student? Get involved with clubs and sports quickly! The friends you make in the first few weeks will be some of your best. Also, make sure you go to the Fred Meyer’s Back to College Night because it is a night full of free groceries and college necessities!





Tyler Jackson ’19

Major: Economics

Hometown:Denver, CO

Your favorite place on campus and why: My favorite place on campus is the Frank Manor Library because the atmosphere of this room gives me a sense of comfort and the environment of the room gets me into “study mode.”

What clubs are you involved in and why: I am involved in Gardening club because I love to garden and being in dirt reminds me of my childhood innocence.





Uwella Rubuga

Major: Economics & Computer Science

Hometown: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

What clubs are you involved in? I am in a lots of clubs. I love learning about other peoples cultures and their history so I am in a lot of ethnic and cultural clubs. I am in the Black Student Union, Bantu Ba Africa Club, French Club, Gente Latina Unida, & Bollywood Club. 

What advice would you give incoming freshman? Explore and test your limits. When you make a mistake, take it a s a blessing and an opportunity to learn rather than considering them your weakness. 



Zach Forster ’18

Major: Rhetoric and Media Studies

Hometown: Oakland, CA

What do you like to do in your free time? I like to spend time with my friends and listen to music. I love spending time in the Theater and running improv club. 


Why did you choose L&C? I loved my overnight host and I love that I get to go into Portland any time to go to shows, and see the beautiful scenery. I am also really happy I learned about the Theater program and got to meet such caring, kind people. It doesn’t hurt that our Cafeteria has 6 flavors of ice cream for every meal.




**Current Students: If you are interested in being a tour guide, download the application here.