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Tour Guides

Tour guides will give you a chance to see aspects of academic and residential life from a current student’s perspective. Tours are available Monday-Saturday throughout the year and serve as the central piece of every campus visit.

Alec Ballweg ’18

Major: English

Hometown: Madison, WI

Why did you choose L&C: I chose LC because I love the beauty of the campus and Portland as a whole, the amazing academics, and the sense of community.”

What do you like to do in your free time: In my free time I spend a lot of time playing Ultimate Frisbee with my team.  I also like going downtown or just hanging out on campus with friends.




Peter McCormick’16 &  John Trupin ’16

Hometown: Seattle, WA and Tigard, OR
What’s your favorite place on campus and why: Our favorite place is in our on campus apartment. We often make dinner together, play videos games and invite friends over before going to the basketball games! It’s so nice to be so close to campus while still feeling independent in our own apartment. Peter’s favorite month is October so we often decorate the apartment with leaves, pumpkins and candy. 
Why did you choose L&C: We were really interested in studying abroad. We were lucky enough to go visit Greece last semester and had a great time all while getting credits towards our degrees.


AJ Slepin ’16

Major: Biology

Hometown: El Dorado Hills, CA

Your favorite place on campus and why: My favorite place on campus is the bench outside the Albany Quadrangle among the pretty twisted trees. It’s a nice breath of fresh air that’s usually pretty quiet and gorgeous when it’s a nice day out. It’s also still in the center of campus so I feel connected to everything and can easily step out between classes for a breath of air.

Your favorite professor or class and why: I love all the professors in the biology department but my favorite by far is Tamily Weissman-Uni. I’m a little biased because she’s my advisor but she has provided so much support for me and helped me get a summer research internship I never would have received without her. As a professor she is clear and easy to understand and genuinely passionate about everything she is teaching. I would come to LC just to experience her as a professor she is incredible.


Sydney Steel ’19

Major: Biology & Environmental Studies

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Reasons for choosing L&C?The Pacific Northwest has always intrigued me, and after I visited campus, I knew that this school was the place to be! Everyone here is so welcoming and supportive. I couldn’t see myself spending my four years anywhere else.

What advice would you give an incoming freshman/transfer student?Get involved with clubs and sports quickly! The friends you make in the first few weeks will be some of your best. Also, make sure you go to the Fred Meyer’s Back to College Night because it is a night full of free groceries and college necessities!


Terrell Mwetta ’19

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Asheville, NC

What was your favorite event at L&C and why?I really enjoyed the Midnight Breakfast at the beginning of the semester quite a bit. There is nothing like syrup and waffles at 11:30 on a Friday night!

Your favorite place to a moments rest on campus?I really like this specific bench on the circular green between Pamplin and the Manor House. It’s a really nice place to kick back, warm up, and relax before your next class. 




Hannah Ring ’19  

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Ashland, OR

Reasons for choosing L&C?I chose Lewis & Clark because during my visit I immediately felt at home on the campus. Once the time came to make my decision I could only really see myself at Lewis & Clark.

Your favorite place on campus and why?My favorite place on campus is the large bridge that passes over the ravine. I get to walk over it every day on the way to class and each time it feels like I am about to start a wonderful adventure.


Elana Freeman ’19

Major: Undecided

Hometown: El Cerrito, California (Bay Area)

What you like to do in your free time: I love to stay active whether its choreographing a dance in the studio in the plateau or heading to the gym. I also enjoy venturing out into Porltand whenever possible. I am constantly on the hunt to find a new quirky coffee shop, delicious food truck, or adventurous activity. (If you want a good recommendation for an underground glow in the dark mini golf place, let me know!)

Your favorite place on campus and why: Although, it is not technically on campus I love hiking in Tryon.


Morgan Long ’18

Major: Biology

Hometown: Mahtomedi, MN

What clubs are you involved in and why: I play the French Horn in the wind symphony; all of our music ensembles are easy to join and open to non-majors.  I’m also involved in the pre-health club.

What do you like to do in your free time: On the weekends I like to go hiking, Portland is great for that! Tryon Creek State Park has miles of trails a few minutes from campus, and Forest Park is just north of Downtown and is one of the countries largest urban forests.






Allie McRaith ’16

International Affairs

Hometown: Chicago, IL

What clubs are you involved in: I was the Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper, the Pioneer Log. It was a great group of people that is constantly evolving but a great way to meet people in different classes, majors, and grades. Without a formal journalism program here at LC, you quickly learn what power words have and the invaluable purpose of media outlets, even on such a micro level.

What advice would you give an incoming freshmen/transfer student: Don’t just do the extracurriculars you did in high school. Do those, but try out a few new ones (especially ones that are easier to do in Portland or at Lewis & Clark than in your hometown). One of the things I enjoyed for awhile was rock climbing at the nearby gym.


Madison Young ’17

Major: Sociology & Anthropology

Hometown: Alpharetta, Georgia

What advice would you give an incoming freshmen/transfer student: Make the most of your days because Oregon is one of the most enlightening locations in the country. Right now, you have the college, downtown Portland, and all the diverse, surrounding nature at your disposal - take advantage of that! Begin good habits now so you’re thriving and ready for anything by graduation.

Your favorite place on campus and why: My favorite place on campus is honestly my on-campus apartment. It is something I call home because it is nestled within lush greenspace, which allows for free thought and productive days. I can read in rhythm with the Portland rain and focus on my ‘here and now,’ while at the same time being a five minutes’ walk from anywhere on campus.


Kevin Alejandro Castillo Montanye ’16

Major: Foreign Languages (French/Spanish)

Hometown: Manzanillo, Mexico

What clubs are you involved in and why: I am the president of the French Club, and I was interested in this club because it was an excellent way of combining my love for languages, culture, and my major on campus. It has been so worthwhile to take on a leadership role like this because I get to meet a lot of different people who are interested in the same thing.

What was your favorite event at L&C and why: The Fiesta de Salsa is my favorite event on campus. It combines so many things that I love (Latin culture, dancing, prizes, lots of people having fun.) It was actually the event that convinced me to come here when I was a prospie!


Sophia Vigeant ’19

Double Major English & Hispanic Studies

Tomales, CA

Your favorite class and why: My favorite class is Reading & Writing the Outdoors with Professor Don Waters. It’s an English 100­ level creative writing elective that promotes the idea of embracing nature through your writing and finding your personal environmental literary voice. In this class, we would often take outdoor excursions to celebrate the bountiful flora and fauna we have on our very own campus.

What clubs are you involved in: I am involved in the Action for Bernie Sanders Club to help promote the Sanders campaign on campus and in the greater Portland area. Another club I am apart of is the Rotaract Club, which was just established at L&C this past year and is still finding it’s footing.


Molly Brown ’19

Major: Undeclared

Port Townsend, WA

What was your favorite event at L&C and why: I really liked Once Upon A Weekend. It
was a whirlwind of ideas and interesting costume choices, with lots of good energy from
both the audience and the performers.

Your favorite place on campus and why: My favorite place on campus is the radio
station. There are lots of comfy couches and cool CD’s and free stickers. There’s good
music and friendly people!


Emily Cornett ’18

Major: International Affairs

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Your favorite professor or class and why: My favorite class has been United States Foreign Policy.  The professor, Cyrus Partovi, was amazing, and we had some great debates!

What you like to do in your free time: I enjoy knitting, hiking, and Netflix.  My friends and I have started doing Knitting Night in our dorm rooms!




Latroy Robinson ’18


Major(s): Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Hometown: Chicago

Reason for choosing L&C: I really liked the campus went I first came to visit. I enjoy spending time outside so you can find me next to the reflecting pool by the Frank Manor House! I also love the rose garden and helping maintain the garden in my spare time.

What advice would you give a first year student: In your first year try and involve yourself in as many activities and clubs as you can. This is where I met most of my friends and the people I still hang out with today!




Mali PetersonWood ’19

Major: Psychology/Neuroscience

Hometown: Sonora, CA

What do you like to do in your free time:In the small amount of free time that I have between juggle three jobs, being an active member on two collegiate level sports teams attend two weekly club meetings and taking 16 credits, I like to watch The Office on netflix, watch my Betta fish swim around in his little tank, exercise, explore Portland with my friends, and occasionally I squeeze in scrap booking.

What advice would you give an incoming freshmen/transfer student: I would have to say, take advantage of the time you get to spend at Lewis and Clark. Many people don’t realize how incredibly special this school, community and group of people truly are. Join clubs, try out for a sports team, take a class you maybe never thought to take, make friends outside of your comfort zone.






Laura Travis ’18

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Prescott, AZ

Your favorite place on campus and why: My favorite place on campus is Maggie’s Café. It is very relaxing and I’ve spent countless hours there doing homework, hanging out with friends, and buying snacks.

What was your favorite event at L&C and why: My favorite event so far was seeing Philip Zimabardo when he came to campus. After studying him and his experiments in my psychology classes, I was a little star-struck when I watched his speech and got to take pictures with him.




**Current Students: If you are interested in being a tour guide, learn more about the job and application process here.