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    August 24
    From climate change to endangered species, renewable energy to water and air protections, 2017 has seen a dramatic and worrisome increase in the assault on science and the role it plays in shaping public policy. In the trenches of that battle is Dan Rohlf.
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    April 27
    Worried about labor shortages and seeking to protect their workers, five Oregon agricultural groups hosted an Immigration Forum at which Prof Felstiner spoke.
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    March 10

    Anastasia Adriano and Brooke Alexander have been chosen to present their independent research papers at the Race, Rhetoric, and Media Symposium at the University of Puget Sound March 31-April 2, 2016.  

    Anastasia’s topic: “Modern Media’s Documentation of Shifting Cultural Attitudes on ‘Racial Passing’ in the USA”

    Brooke’s topic: “Racial Idealism in a Capitalistic Society”

    Raymond Fenton and Emile Dultra are participating in a panel focused on the Black Lives Matter movement and activism on college campuses throughout the Northwest.  

    Congratulations all! 

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