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  • February 1
    Aaron W. Meyer, who made his stage debut as a soloist with the Philadelphia Orchestra at age 11, combines classical, world, and popular music in a blend often called classical crossover. He has performed at two World Peace Conferences, for the Dalai Lama, in Thailand to raise money for tsunami relief, and with orchestras and ballet companies as well as artists such as Smokey Robinson and the group Everclear.
  • February 1
    Bal Krishna Joshi is the founder of, a Web site and business that enables expatriate Nepali to purchase gifts and arrange for their delivery within Nepal. The employee-owned company, which currently employs 40 people, helps sustain the ties of far-flung friends and family and has contributed greatly to the economy of Joshi’s native country.
  • February 1
    Koehn was a founding member of the Pamplin Society of Fellows and a Barbara Hirshi Neely Scholar. Additionally, she was named one of Glamour magazine’s Top-Ten College Women. At Lewis & Clark, she served as a hospice volunteer and, while participating in the Kenya overseas study program, she studied traditional healers. Since graduating, Koehn has volunteered with the Office of Admissions and the Holiday Gala alumni choir
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