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Miguel Posada

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Class Year: 2019
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Major: Sociology and Anthropology
Extracurriculars: Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement (IME) Student Ambassador, KLC Radio Multicultural Engagement Manager, Queer Student Union (QSU) Lead Coordinator

What three words would you use to describe L&C?

Engaging, stimulating, eye-opening

What has been your favorite class so far (title and professor)? How did it expand your knowledge?

My favorite class has been Gender and Sexuality in the U.S. with Associate Professor Kim Brodkin! I learned so much about what gender meant, the different sexualities that exist, and the way they are perceived in the U.S., especially with the intersection of race. It made me challenge views I had while also helping me learn more about my own identity.

What made you want to come to Lewis & Clark?

Lewis & Clark gave me a great financial aid package, and also has great academics!

Where do you find community at Lewis & Clark?

I find community within great friends that I have made here. They’re the best!!

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus is definitely the Queer Student Union office. The room is setup like a living room, so you always feel right at home.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Portland?

My favorite part about Portland is that Haribo Gummy Bears are $1, where in Chicago they are $3!

What’s your best Lewis & Clark memory so far?

One night, there was an on-campus dance event. My best friend Micael at first didn’t want to go, but then I convinced her by deciding to meet halfway on the bridge. It began to rain as we walked to each other. When we reached other, we hugged tightly and laughed so loud. We were so happy and later danced together all night! It felt like something out of a movie, truly magical.

How do you manage stress?

When I have rough days, I like to destress by watching Sex and the City all night while sipping some juice and using a face mask with my roommate Cayden.

Do you have a job on campus? If so, how do you fit work into your schedule?

I work at IME. They are very accommodating to my schedule and relaxed about letting me take time off when I need more time to focus on my academics.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

Personally, I think the best thing you can do in college is experience. Meet new friends, try new clubs, try different classes. Grow by learning and having experiences of all kinds.

How has Lewis & Clark changed you?

Lewis & Clark has helped me grow into my identity. I’ve grown more secure about the kind of person I want to be and the kind of change that needs to happen in the world.

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