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Hannah Ring

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Class Year: 2019
Hometown: Ashland, Oregon
Major: Psychology
Extracurriculars: Admissions Tour Guide and Lunch Host, Student Leadership Services Volunteer
Overseas study: India and Ireland

What three words would you use to describe L&C?

Inclusive, passionate, BirksAndSocks

What has been your favorite class so far (title and professor)? How did it expand your knowledge?

So far, my favorite class has been Education in a Complex World. This class uncovered problems within the public schooling system, while simultaneously revealing the potential that our education system could have.

What made you want to come to Lewis & Clark?

I chose Lewis & Clark because after I came to visit it felt like how the word “home” makes me feel. When I visited other colleges, I would picture myself back at L&C. And if I closed my eyes and imagined myself studying or simply thought of the word “college,” I would see myself sitting in Watzek Library or on the lawn under a big tree at Lewis & Clark.

Where do you find community at Lewis & Clark?

I found community through my work with the Admissions Office. The tour guides, lunch hosts, and overnight hosts all come from different departments and perspectives and yet we all share a love for Lewis & Clark. Through the meetings and trainings we have all become good friends. I also find community through my classes. My peers chose their classes with care, and thus have a genuine interest in what they are studying. These shared interests make a strong foundation for community among students both within and outside of the classroom.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite place on campus is the large bridge that passes over the ravine. My first year I got to walk over it every day on the way to class and each time it felt like I was about to start a wonderful adventure.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

If I could tell a prospective student anything it would be to take a deep breath. The college process can be stressful and nerve-wracking, but more than anything it can be exciting. College is a huge transition but it should be viewed as an adventure and a journey of self-discovery. Look for the campus and community that you feel most comfortable and at home with, and que sera sera, everything else will fall into place.

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