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Nancy France

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    Photographed by Claire Askew
Semester: Spring
Offered: Annually
Program Focus: General Culture or Language Intensive


FREN 202 with a 3.0 GPA or better and 3.0 GPA in language                                    

Recommended Courses:

ART 111: History of Western Art
HIST 120: Early European History
HIST 121: Modern European History

Campus Contact:

Isabelle DeMarte
Associate Professor of French
ext. 7426


Program Design:
The Nancy program focuses on the language, history and contemporary culture of France. Courses are taken with faculty in the Department of FLE (French as a Foreign Language), and by other faculty from the Université de Lorraine in Nancy. An option for Political Science or International Affairs students is offered by faculty teaching at the Nancy campus of the Institut de Sciences Politiques de Paris (ISP). The Institut des Beaux-Arts and Conservatoire National de Musique occasionally take highly motivated art majors and music majors, respectively. Independent studies, honors work and internship opportunities are also available. Students will reside with carefully chosen host families.  The program includes an orientation through Cycle Court, local and regional excursions with LC students staying in Strasbourg through Lewis & Clark College in France (LCCF), as well as a 5-day field trip to Paris, including museum excursions, a play, and other such activities.

Requirements Fulfilled:

The Language Intensive program fulfills the overseas study requirement for the French Studies major and the overseas study requirement for the Foreign Languages major with French as the first language. Both the Language Intensive and General Culture programs also fulfill the two-course international studies requirement. 

16 credits required per semester

Students are given a French language placement examination to determine course curriculum options, which vary according to students’ language proficiency levels.  Curriculum offered by IIEF may include French Language BlockFrench Regional Culture, French Writing Workshop & Village ProjectFrench Civilisation or French LiteratureArts & Ideas, or Press Review in France. Students may also choose from a wide variety of courses offered by any of the regular departments or Facultés of the University of Lorraine.

France, Nancy

48.696184; 6.176376