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Overseas and Off-Campus Programs

Ecuador Summer




Mid-May to early July
Offered: Annually
Program Focus: Country Study


Overall GPA of at least 2.0 and good academic standing.                                       
Campus Contacts:

Blythe Knott
Associate Director of Overseas & Off-Campus Programs
ext. 7296

Program Design:

Academic study focuses on intensive language study and the history, culture, politics, and socio-economic institutions of Ecuador.  Following an orientation program in Quito, the program is centered in Cuenca and includes field trips to Yanayacu Biological Station as well as local areas of interest.

In addition, students will have the opportunity to take a short course in international environmental law and policy, focusing on the promises and shortcomings of sustainable development in a biodiversity- and culture-rich developing country like Ecuador.

Students live with host families while in Cuenca.

Requirements Fulfilled:

Students who enroll in Spanish 201 may fulfill the foreign language graduation requirement.  This program fulfills one course of the two-course international studies requirement.

3 courses per semester/12 credits


IS 241:  Contemporary Ecuador: 

This course explores different aspects of Ecuador through an anthropological optic.  The main purpose is to provide students with information, conceptual tools, and methods with which to investigate and interpret their Ecuadorian experience. Class discussion and questions from students are very important.

The specific topics covered in the course are chosen anew each semester, in order to address current affairs and new anthropological work. Globalization, Andean prehistory, traditional medicine, identity politics, indigenous rights movements, gender roles, religion and society, race, ethnicity, witchcraft, agricultural economics, transnational migration and Plan Colombia are some of the topics included in recent courses.  Social structure and culture in Cuenca are also included.

The course includes day trips  and a week-long field trip. Course material is presented in required readings and class lectures. Grades are based on exams, short writing assignments, and a term paper.

2 Spanish Language Courses - 8 credits

Course level will be determined by previous subject study and placement exam results.

Ecuador, Cuenca

Passport Details:
You will be required to email a high-resolution, color scan of your passport to the Overseas Office within 30 days of being accepted into a program. We recommend that you apply for a passport as early as possible. For more info, visit our Passport Resources page.

Visa fees and requirements: A visa is required for this program.  You will be notified when it is time to apply and our office has received all of the necessary supporting documents. 

Please make an appointment with Student Health Service to get an updated list of immunizations that are recommended or mandatory for this program. You may also be required to submit various test results (HIV, chest x-rays, etc.) as a part of your visa application.

Students will be required to show proof of health insurance with coverage for international travel, as per the Affordable Care Act. Lewis & Clark College will provide supplemental travel insurance coverage through iNext.

Fees To Plan For:
Fees for the following items are not included in the comprehensive program fee:
Passport fees
Required photographs
Visa fees
International Student Identity Card
Immunizations and health exams
Transportation to city of departure
Post-program travel


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