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Overseas and Off-Campus Programs

Chengdu China

Semester: Fall
Offered: Annually
Program Focus: General Culture


CHIN 102. A “B” or better in the language. 3.0 cumulative GPA required.                              


ART 152: History of East Asian Art: China

ART 355: Art and Empire

ART 356: The Art of the Print in Early Modern East Asia

ECON 232: Economic Development

ECON 314: International Economics

IA 232: Southeast Asian Politics

SOAN 270: Cultural Politics of Youth in East Asia

SOAN 274: Contemporary Chinese Society

SOAN 288: China in the News: Socio-Anthropological & Historical Perspective

on Modern China

SOAN 353: Popular Culture/Public Protest: China

HIST 110: Early East Asian History

HIST 111: Making Modern China

HIST 210: China’s Golden Age (Tang and Song)

HIST 211: Reform, Rebellion, and Revolution in Modern China

HIST 213: Chinese History Through Biography

SOAN 288: China in the News: Socio-Anthropological & Historical Perspective

on Modern China

HIST 310: China Discovers the West

HIST 311: History of Family, Gender, and Sexuality in China

RELS 242: Religions and Cultures of East Asia

RELS 243: Buddhism: Theory, Culture, and Practice

RELS 452: Seminar in Asian Religions 

Campus Contact:

Keith Dede
Associate Professor of Chinese

ext. 7445


Program Design:
Housed in Sichuan University in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, the program is coordinated through Pacific Lutheran University’s Wang Center, which sends a faculty member to accompany the students. The program includes an orientation tour prior to arriving in Chengdu, courses on contemporary culture and society, and field trips to rural Sichuan, including areas with primarily ethnic minority inhabitants.

Full Year Participation:
After successful completion of this program you may be eligible to participate on one of our other language intensive programs. It is your responsibility to contact Keith Dede before registration for spring semester to determine your eligibility to continue on one of our other programs.  Participation during second program entails participation in the January Term program in Beijing immediately after completing the fall semester.

Application Process:
This program has a dual application process. Student must first submit a Lewis & Clark Application. Once admitted by Lewis & Clark, the students will receive instructions for submitting their secondary, or program sponsor, application, and will receive a separate notification letter from Pacific Lutheran University (PLU).  Please keep a digital copy of your essays and other application materials as you will need to submit these again to PLU or you will need to re-write the essays.  Please note that this secondary application process can be as late as the semester preceding your scheduled participation.

Requirements Fulfilled:
Fulfills the overseas study requirement for the East Asian Studies major, the Foreign Language major (with Chinese as primary language), and the Chinese minor.

17 credits, please see below

17 credits, as follows:

Required Courses
8 credits of Chinese language (Option B in attached brochure)
4 credits Contemporary Chinese Culture and Society
2 credits Western China
1 elective course (3 credits).  Business, Calligraphy and Taiji/Martial Arts classes will not be accepted for credit.

  • General Information

    Passport Details:
    You will be required to email a high-resolution, color scan of your passport to the Overseas Office within 30 days of being accepted into a program. We recommend that you apply for a passport as early as possible. For more info, visit our Passport Resources page.

    Visa fees and requirements: A visa is required for this program.  You will be notified when it is time to apply and our office has received all of the necessary supporting documents. 

    Please make an appointment with Student Health Service to get an updated list of immunizations that are recommended or mandatory for this program. You may also be required to submit various test results (HIV, chest x-rays, etc.) as a part of your visa application.

    Students will be required to show proof of health insurance with coverage for international travel, as per the Affordable Care Act. Lewis & Clark College will provide supplemental travel insurance coverage through iNext.

    International Student Identity Card: 
    The ISIC is required for the program. You will be notified of how to obtain it the semester prior to departure.

    Fees To Plan For:
    Fees for the following items are not included in the comprehensive program fee:
    Passport fees
    Required photographs
    Visa fees
    International Student Identity Card
    Immunizations and health exams
    Transportation to city of departure
    Post-program travel


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