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Oregon Poetic Voices Receives Second Year of Funding

November 04, 2010

With funding from the Library Services Technology Act (LSTA), the Oregon State Library has awarded a second year of funding for Watzek Library’s Oregon Poetic Voices (OPV) project. OPV is a growing, publicly accessible archive of recorded poetry by Oregon poets. This project is led by Doug Erickson, Head of Special Collections and College Archivist, and his team including Jeremy Skinner, Jeremy McWilliams, Paul Merchant, Anneliese Dehner, and Poetry Fellow Melissa Dalton. The first year of support has allowed OPV to develop into an amazing collection where you can listen to recordings of Oregon poets reading their poetry and find all sorts of information about poetry, poets, and this project. A second year of funding will allow further development and expansion of this website, the creation of additional recording “studios” across the state of Oregon, more poetry workshops around Oregon, continued digitization of existing recordings, and an increase in the number of recorded materials.

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