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NEH Digital Humanities Grant

August 22, 2010

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Oren Kosansky received a Level II Digital Humanities Start-up grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities in support of his 18-month project entitled, “Intellectual Property and International Collaboration in the Digital Humanities: The Moroccan Jewish Community Archives. The NEH has awarded $49,950 in support of this project. Oren will work with an undergraduate student to digitize and catalog nineteenth and twentieth century materials. Mark Dahl and Doug Erickson at Watzek Library will assist with the project, the result of which will be a pilot website that provides interactive access to these Moroccan Jewish materials. The project also will seek to create protocols and best practices for intellectual property issues for digital archival projects in developing countries. (August 2010)

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Sponsored Research

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