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Changing Rooms at Semester

November 21, 2017

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If you live in the campus apartments, and are changing apartments at semester, please be in touch with Sandi (, Housing Director, as soon as possible to arrange your move if you have not already done so. These moves must be “scheduled” in order to insure that every new resident moves into a bedroom/apartment that has been cleaned.  If you are moving from a residence hall room to an apartment with a roommate/roommates that already occupy the apartment you are moving into, you may move your things into the common room of the apartment but not into the bedroom.  The bedroom must remain empty until you return to campus on January 14th.

If you are moving into a vacant apartment, you must pack your belongings and place them in a cage in temporary storage in the apartment in which you have been assigned. Please call the RA on Duty to gain access to a cage.  You MUST supply your own padlock for the cage and all of your items must be removed from temporary storage by Wednesday, January 17, 2018. See STORAGE section below for more information.


If you were granted a room change for Spring 2018, the information that follows should help clarify the procedures for changing rooms at the end of the semester and make it an efficient process. Please read it thoroughly!

It is important to understand the bigger picture when thinking about room changes on campus. Students are changing rooms within the same hall as well as moving across campus to different halls.  We must coordinate the efforts of all to insure as smooth a transition as possible for all concerned. Please remember that you must vacate your current room in the residence hall by 3pm on Wednesday, December 20th, so you’ll need to plan ahead.

Please box and clearly mark all your belongings for temporary storage during the break. It is important for you to pack in boxes or plastic tubs so that it is possible for us to stack for efficient space use. Consult the list below for specific storage instructions.  Access to storage areas begin on Saturday, December 16 through Tuesday, December 19 between 3pm and 8pm only. On Wednesday, December 20, RA’s will be available between 10am and 3pm.

  • Students who live in Hartzfeld D or are moving into Hartzfeld will need to store their belongings in the metal container placed near Hartzfeld C beginning Saturday, December 16th. Please be sure your belongings are packed in boxes or plastic tubs to allow for efficient packing. Contact the RA on Duty for access to temporary storage.  Your belongings must be removed from the storage container by 8pm on Wednesday, January 17th.
  • If you are moving into Holmes for Spring, you may either store your belongings in the metal storage container placed between Hartzfeld and Alder or you may store in your current residence hall if you prefer.  Your belongings must be removed from storage by 8pm on Wednesday, January 17th.
  • If you are moving out or into Platt-Howard or Copeland, we will have a metal storage container placed between the two buildings where you will store your belongings.  Please be sure your belongings are packed in boxes or plastic tubs to allow for efficient packing.  Call the RA on Duty for in Platt-Howard or Copeland for access. Your belongings must be removed from storage by 8pm on Wednesday, January 17th.
  • Students who are moving within Forest or into Forest for Spring semester will need to contact the RA on Duty for access to temporary storage in each of the Forest buildings (except Juniper). Students moving into Juniper will be assigned another Forest storage location.  Please let the RA on Duty know which building you have been assigned to for the Spring.
  • If you were granted a move to a campus apartment, make arrangements with the RA on Duty for Holmes/Hartzfeld/Apartments to store your things in the storage cage of the apartment building to which you are assigned. Please be advised you will need a standard padlock to secure the storage cage for your belongings. Cages are approximately 3x3x4 and each resident is allowed one locker. All of your belongings must be removed from the storage cage by Wednesday, January 17th by 8pm. IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless you are moving into an apartment that is already occupied, you will not be allowed to move your belongings into your assigned apartment prior to January 14 when the halls reopen.

For the Winter break only, we will waive the associated fees and the three-box limit for storage. In order to gain access to the locked storage areas you will need to contact the RA on Duty of that particular building for assistance. You may contact the RA on Duty to arrange a mutually convenient time between the hours of 3pm and 8pm beginning Saturday, December 16th through Tuesday, December 19th and again on Wednesday, December 20th from 10am to 3pm. Please don’t wait until the last minute. The information that follows includes the hall and it’s associated RA duty phone number as well as the contact information for the AD for each complex.

Stewart, Odell, Akin, RA Duty - 971-563-8115, AD - Meg,

Copeland, RA Duty - 971-563-8111, AD - Clayton,

Forest, RA Duty - 971-563-8117, AD - Nikki,

Platt-Howard, RA Duty - 971-563-8113, AD - Dom,

Holmes, Hartzfeld & Apartments, RA Duty - 971-563-8119, AD - Amanda,

Once your room is clean (or your side of the room is clean) and clear of all your personal items, you will need to schedule an appointment with your RA to check out of your current room, complete your Room Condition Report (RCR), and turn in your room key. Again, it will be beneficial to all concerned if you plan ahead. While you are busy packing and cleaning in preparation for moving to a different room, the student currently in that space is working to pack their things, clean and move as well. We plan to have every empty room cleaned by Housekeeping Services prior to occupancy on January 14, 2018. So generally, it is not possible for you to move into your new room prior to winter break. The ADs will be happy to answer questions specific to their halls.

When you return to campus in January, you should check in with the hall staff to get your key and complete an RCR for your new room. If you are a member of an athletic team or Wilderness First Responder or other course and have permission to return to the residence halls prior to January 14, you know that we are consolidating students during the Winter break.  The process for checking into Winter Break accommodations will be communicated to you directly through email.  If you have other questions or need clarification, please call the Campus Living Office at ext. 7123. Thanks for your cooperation.


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