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New time tracking/pay approval system for student employees

February 03, 2014

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Dear Student Employee,

Over the past 9 months, the Human Resources department, which supports the Student Employment and Student Payroll functions, has been working diligently to implement a new HRIS/Payroll system called Workday.

Workday is taking the place of Colleague and WebAdvisor as the system of record for employee data, time tracking/approval for student employees, and payroll processing. There are several business processes that are changing immediately, and others that will be changing over time.

Effective immediately, student employees will be logging into Workday to enter and submit work time, and supervisors will log into Workday to approve student time. Please note that Workday is set up to have time entered and approved on a weekly basis, although students will continue to be paid monthly. We strongly recommend that you log your work hours weekly by end of day Friday. The system will allow students to enter time at the end of the month as they have in the past, but it must still be entered for each individual week. Actual system “lock out” times for time entry and approval at the end of the pay period will still apply.

When entering time worked, you will be required to select the “time type” (Federal Work Study, non-work study, Agency, etc.) for each position. The system will not allow you to enter time for the incorrect time type and will give you an error message if you attempt to do so.

If you have multiple positions, you will enter time for all positions on the same time sheet. Each supervisor will be able to see all time worked, but will only approve for their specific position. Remember, you still actually have to “submit” your hours to complete the process.

There are videos and training guides for review on the HR website in the Workday Information section. Please review these training guides. If, after reviewing the training materials, you still have questions about the process, please complete a Workday Help Ticket also located on this section of the website and a Human Resources team member will contact you.

Please note that paper time sheets will no longer be accepted for any student positions.

Thank you for your ongoing support in improving processes that impact our student employees.

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