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Adventsfeier 12/6/13

November 26, 2013

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Forest (Tamarack) Residence Hall


Celebrate St. Nicholas with the German Club
on Friday December 6 from 4-6 pm
in the West Hall Lounge.

We will enjoy home-made German cookies and hot chocolate
by listening to traditional Christmas songs and stories until
St. Nicholas is coming.


St. Nicholas-Day in Germany

Many children in Germany put their boots outside the front door on the night of December the fifth. St. Nicholas fills the boots with candy, mandarines and nuts overnight and at the same time checks in his golden book if the children were well-behaved, polite and helpful in the past year. If they were not, they find no candy in their boots. Sometimes St. Nicholas is coming to families, schools or other communities in person and he asks the children to recite a poem or sing a song, and it is a wonderful time of the year

Nicholas is often accompanied by Knecht Ruprecht or Krampus. Krampus is known to bring fear into their hearts, for he is a scary man with a dark demeanor and harsh voice. If the children misbehaved during the year then Krampus takes them and puts them in his sack or beats them with a stick. Children are always careful when they see Krampus.

In more catholic regions, Nikolaus is dressed very much like a bishop and rides on a horse.

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