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October 07, 2013

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Interested in living and teaching abroad after graduation? Apply to Teach Thailand Corps! Check out the information below from a representative from the American-Thai Foundation. Need help with your application? Email to schedule your career counseling appointment today!


Our Philosophy and Mission

Teach Thailand Corps (TTC), established by the American-Thai Foundation in collaboration with Yonok Foundation, focuses on strengthening the primary and secondary school education systems in Thailand, particularly in high-need areas. TTC places American graduates in under-served Thai schools as English language teachers. We believe that language skills are an essential foundation for a better life and a better world. Thai students equipped with English proficiency are positioned to succeed in school, work, and life, and to make an impact in their communities. Teach Thailand Corps has learned from, and adapted, elements of the Peace Corps philosophy of service and learning.

Teacher Recruitment

We carefully select graduating seniors and recent graduates who wish to make a difference abroad. These are the students who have performed well academically and have exhibited and maintained a tradition of service and leadership throughout their college years. Successful applicants will demonstrate a strong desire to make a difference through volunteer work, gain unique experience through living abroad, and learn the language and culture of Thailand.

Our teachers, once selected, are provided with training for their roles, housing, a monthly allowance, and language and culture training. Additionally, TTC teachers are provided with ongoing supervision, consultation, and close support to ensure a successful living, teaching, and learning experience. 

The Application Process

Interested candidates can find the application on our website Please submit the application along with a resume, unofficial transcript, cover letter, and two letters of recommendation. The application and other required documents should be sent by e-mail to

The Fall-cycle deadline is December 31, 2013 and the Winter-cycle Deadline is February 28, 2014

Additional information about the program can be found on our website Please let us know if you have any questions.

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