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Interested in science education? Become a SOLTT member!

September 03, 2013

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Members of the Student Outreach Leadership Teaching Teams Program (SOLTT) are Lewis & Clark math and science majors (some participants are undeclared) with a desire to share their knowledge and excitement for the sciences or math with high school students and also would like to explore a career in science education.  SOLTT  members match their expertise in science and mathematics with the needs of our K-12 partner schools, which serve diverse and underrepresented populations. In addition the program will have activities and training that highlight the importance and value of a career in education.

In broadening access to science, SOLTT tutors play a significant role in helping to identify, recruit, and offer continuing support to emerging scholars—students selected by their teachers, counselors and the tutors themselves as nominees for the Collaborative Research Program.These high school students—who may lack opportunity, information, and confidence but show great promise and desire to explore science and math as a career—receive support from SOLT tutors/mentors throughout the school year.

SOLTT tutors receive an excellent introduction into a possible career as a science educator with an opportunity to design and deliver exciting hands-on activities and experiments along with curriculum development.

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