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Erich Roepke

August 29, 2013

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    Robert M Reynolds

From: Enterprise, Oregon

Exploring: Economics and philosophy

Business model: I started my own business in high school, and I was obsessed with getting an Ivy League M.B.A. When I saw how many Lewis & Clark alumni went on to grad school at places like Harvard, I realized that they can compete and succeed everywhere.

Entrepreneurial spirit: The winterim entrepreneurship workshop completely blew me away. It took me to a new level of inspiration to be able to interact with so many entrepreneurs who’d started successful businesses right out of Lewis & Clark and so many students who were interested in the same thing.

Venture capitalizing: The college’s new entrepreneurship center has launched a venture competition, which will provide mentorship and seed funding for new student ventures. I’m definitely applying for that next year. You should see my room—it’s covered in ideas.

Pros and econs: I love everything about econ, and I’m learning so much beyond that through my other courses—things I didn’t even know I wanted to know, like ancient philosophy and the Socratic method. I think that’s why Lewis & Clark produces top-notch entrepreneurs: it makes you a smarter all-around person.

Return on investment: If I decide to go to graduate school, I know I can get there pretty easily from here. But I might not even need to pursue that—I could have my own business by the time I graduate. The cool thing is, I have options.