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Nathan Romine

August 29, 2013

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    Robert M Reynolds

From: Reseda, California

Exploring: International affairs 

Talk of the town: You have four years to be in college. Living on campus lets you soak it all in. If you like athletics, you don’t have to play NCAA sports—although you can; we also have great Ultimate Frisbee and rugby clubs, and a huge climbing community. If you want to explore off campus, just catch the Pio shuttle to Portland’s quirky neighborhoods, shops, and restaurants.

No need to speak Greek: Nothing against the Greek system, but you can find the same kind of brotherhood or sisterhood here, largely because Lewis & Clark attracts students who are open and interested in talking. Many find community in the themed halls. What I discovered in Platt East was an eclectic group of great, very genuine people.

Resident listener: My first resident advisor was a great listener, which was super beneficial to me. As a first-year student, you’re so busy that you barely have a moment to sit down with your thoughts. Having someone who gives you the time and space for one-on-one conversation opens up some key moments for personal reflection. That’s the kind of RA I’ve tried to be.

Continuing the conversation: Ultimately, I see myself working as a professor or administrator somewhere like Lewis & Clark. In my time here, I’ve fallen in love with working with students, and I can’t imagine leaving these kinds of conversations behind.