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Venture Competition Team: Arbella Brewing Company

April 16, 2013

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    Greg Soto
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    Daniel Shaver
Team members: 
  • Daniel Shaver CAS ’13
  • Devin Owen CAS ’14
  • Kevin Cassidy CAS ’14
  • Henry Schmidt CAS ’14
  • Greg Soto CAS ’14
Project synopsis:

Arbella Brewing Company represents a brewing based approach to community integration and environmental sustainability. It will be a craft microbrewery that serves the Lewis & Clark and greater Portland community through student engagement, academic collaboration, alcohol education, and connections with alumni and the surrounding population. The business will serve as a model for environmentally sustainable brewing practices and of financially sustainable student entrepreneurship. This includes using only environmentally sustainable ingredients and methods, and investing time and training back into Lewis & Clark to help further future student initiatives. Students from Lewis & Clark will have opportunities to work in the brewery through internships, as well as through science and business classes. Although the primary focus of the business will be on producing craft beer, Arbella Brewing will also offer non-alcoholic alternatives such as ginger beer and a non-alcoholic IPA. The company will represent safe and educated drinking practices with the aim of influencing healthier drinking habits in college age and adult consumers, and will launch an alcohol education campaign to promote mindful and moderate alcohol consumption. Finally, Arbella Brewing Company hopes to bring Lewis & Clark together with the greater Portland community through integrative events and by serving as a community center that facilitates interaction between Lewis & Clark and the surrounding population. 

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