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Professor and Students Working on Documentary

March 21, 2013

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    by: TRIBUNE PHOTO: CHRISTOPHER ONSTOTT - Lewis & Clark professor Bryan Sebok (center) works with student Alexander Schwartz on a documentary titled 'Cartlandia,' that looks at Portland's food cart phenomenon.

Lewis & Clark media studies professor Bryan Sebok has his students making a documentary called Cartlandia, about diversity in Portland’s food cart scene, not to be confused with Blacklandia, a book about the trials of being black in Portland by Lewis & Clark sociologist Monica Miller.

Too much of a good thing

Sure, “Portlandia” is just a TV show, Sebok says. But sometimes life does start imitating art, even after the art has disappeared from the airwaves. And there’s something to be said for building on an established brand name.

“It says something about what we’re up to,” Sebok says of the name choice. “We’re playing with the mythical nature of local identity.”  Portland Tribune, 3/21/13