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Pamplin Society 2013 Teacher of the Year

March 05, 2013

Lewis & Clark’s Pamplin Society of Fellows is now accepting nominees for the 2013 Teacher of the Year. This is one of the few opportunities for students to voice their opinions about faculty and commend those who have enriched their experience here. The ideal Teacher of the Year candidate demonstrates: 1. Passion for his or her field of study 2. Preparedness and grace in the classroom 3. Adaptability to new ideas and diverse learning styles 4. Enthusiasm, wisdom, and compassion as a mentor All members of the Lewis & Clark faculty are considered eligible for the award, regardless of rank, tenure, or department. Candidates are to be judged primarily on the quality, then the quantity, of the letters of support they receive. Please include concrete examples of your professor’s qualifications, if possible. Nominate a professor sending a letter to or by completing the following form. The deadline is Friday, March 14th.