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December 23, 2013

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Campus Living is pleased to announce an incentivized early housing sign-up for rising juniors and seniors for the 2014-15 academic year.  Once students have satisfied the on-campus living requirement (4 consecutive semesters), we know that they have many housing options available to them.  However, because we value the contribution and richness upper division students bring to the residential environment, we wanted to make you aware that we are “sweetening” the deal for them for a limited time. 

Between 9am on Wednesday, January 29 through 5pm on Tuesday, February 4, 2014, the College will offer to students who submit the required paperwork and (non-refundable) $200 deposit the following incentives.

Priority in the housing assignment process - The eligible student who submits the required paperwork and makes the (non-refundable) deposit by 5pm on February 4, will have priority lottery numbers for campus housing for Fall 2014.

3% Rent Reduction - Your student’s room rent will be reduced by 3% of the published rates for the entirety of the 2014-15 academic year.

-Prizes!  In addition to the first choice of rooms, and the rent reduction, students will also be eligible to win some great prizes.  In 2013 we awarded five prizes each valued at $200 at locations listed below. Prizes will be awarded after occupancy in the Fall, around September 20*

  • Amazon
  • Powell’s Books
  • Fred Meyer
  • L&C Bookstore
  • Travel voucher

Now, if that isn’t enough incentive for your son or daughter to consider living on campus again, we also have some initiatives that will be available to all rising juniors and seniors whether or not they meet the Early Sign-Up deadline.

-Meal Plan Options - ONLY for Juniors, Seniors and Graduate students and not limited to residency in the campus apartments:

  • 100 Block Plan w/200 Flex ($1,683/semester*) - You can choose any 100 meals in Fields Dining Room during the semester and have 200 flex points to spend at any Bon Appetit location.  Unused flex will carry over to the Spring, but unused meals will be lost at the end of the semester.
  • 50 Block Plan w/300 Flex ($1,071/semester*) - You can choose any 50 meals served in Fields Dining Room over the semester and have 300 flex points to spend at the other Bon Appetit outlets on campus.  Unused flex carries over to Spring semester but unused meals are lost.

Students opting to live in the campus apartments will still be eligible for the Flex Only (625 points) plan ($650/semester*).

*Prices subject to Board of Trustee approval 2/21/14.

-Benefits for ALL residential students! - The benefits of CONVENIENCE and COMMUNITY are always present for those who live on campus, but we are also pleased to announce the following:

  • Our 19 meal plan transitioned to a “19 All Access” Plan.  That means the student can enter Fields Dining Room during any meal period as many times as he/she wishes. However, a meal equivalency in the Trail Room (lunch and dinner) cannot be combined with the same unlimited meal period in Fields.
  • FREE Laundry - All washers and dryers are the most energy efficient machines and are free for residential students.  No need for quarters or to refill their laundry card.

We are hopeful that as you speak with your son or daughter you might add your encouragement to them to think about this offer.  It is a limited time offer and we’d like as many students to take advantage as possible. 

Why wait?  Your student can sign-up by completing a Lease Agreement and the Apartment Application OR a Residence Hall Contract (make the required [non-refundable] $200 deposit), and a Roommate Preference Sheet also available on the Campus Living webpage.

Questions?  We’d be happy to respond to your questions by email at or by phone at 503-768-7123.  Additional information can be found on our FAQ sheet.

If your student decides to cancel their housing commitment before we open the halls for Fall 2014, they would not be eligible to win incentive prizes.  Housing deposits under this program are non-refundable.

For more information:

Campus Living
503-768-7977 (fax)
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