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2012 Miller Internship Award Recipients

August 16, 2012

Lena Anoshchenko
I am a junior inernational student from Ukraine. I major in Biology and Psychology. I truly believe in the concept of interdisciplinary approach when it comes to scientific research. That is why I chose to intern in Dr. Grandy’s laboratory at Oregon Health & Science University. The lab focuses on involving molecular and behavioral techniques in exploring the role of the novel orphan receptor involved in addiction to methamphetamins. As a result of my internship I hope to gain new skills in Molecular Biology, Behavioral Neuroscience, Organic Chemistry and Statistics. I will build new professional relations, learn to work in the lab environment, build new connections, friendships and simply have fun doing science! 
Maya Gold
Hi! I’m Maya, a rising junior double-majoring in biology and political science: I’m taking a pre-med curriculum in the hopes of someday entering a M.D./M.P.H. program. This summer, I’ll be at OHSU as part of their Pediatric Research Internship, working in Stephen Back’s lab under the supervision of Kelly Hansen, a L&C graduate. While I’m not sure about the specifics of the lab quite yet, I know it involves rat brains—that’s good enough for me! I’ll also get to listen to weekly lectures  from OHSU researchers about their contributions to developments in the pediatric field, and attend a journal club with other interns where we discuss this research. I’m incredibly excited to live right next to OHSU and a Thai foodcart, experience Portland in the summer, and begin work. I’m so very thankful to Lewis and Clark for this wonderful opportunity! 
Natalie Levy
I am a member of the Lewis and Clark Varsity Women’s soccer team. I  will be interning this summer in Australia for Paspaley Pearling Company. I am excited to receive my scuba diving license where I will be diving with the marine biologists and researching the overall health of the under water pearl beds. I cannot wait for this opportunity and am excited to experience Australia.  
Don Perconti
My name is Donato Perconti and I am a soon to be graduate of Lewis and Clark College in Computer Science and Mathematics this next fall. Along with the academics I just finished up my final year on the men’s varsity basketball team at the school as well. With the summer term open I was able to come across an internship at Urban Airship. I will be the first intern to be at Urban Ariship so this will be a great learning experience for both I and the company as they continue to expand. The company specializes in “push” notifications for mobile phones and applications. My experience will mainly consist of integrating their technology with an HTML5 platform called phonegap alongside fellow employees. This will be a challenging season of my life as I press into the work life but I am also very thankful and excited for the knowledge and friendships I will gain. 
Caitlin Power
Caitlin is a rising junior with a major in biology. She has a passionate interest in evolution and, more recently, avian biology. She will participate in an internship with the Smithsonian Institute’s Migratory Bird Center that studies the behavior of several small bird species on the American east coast, including the Marsh Wren and Song Sparrow. She will travel along the length of the coast taking measurements of birds, recording their songs, and taking blood samples for genetic analysis. With the field research experience this internship will give her, Caitlin hopes to eventually conduct her own research on the evolutionary development of different species. 
Jeff Rhoades
I am a rising senior psychology major, here at Lewis & Clark College. In addition to my major, I have also engaged in many classes in the hard sciences, as well as various other activities, in preparation for medical school. I have taken a particular liking to neuroscience. I find it a profound and incredibly fascinating investigation of the human condition. This summer I will have an amazing opportunity to aid in research on the front lines of this field. I will work as part of a team at the Banners Alzheimer’s Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, where we will analyze and present data from a brain imaging study investigating how a brain destined to develop Alzheimer’s disease is different from a normal one. In addition, I will be shadowing neurologists and psyciatrists in their clinical practice, allowing me the opportunity to see first hand how the science is applied to help people everyday. I know this internship, as well as all of my studies at Lewis & Clark, have and will teach me a lot about healthcare, science, and the world in general, significantly shaping the course of my life and career in the future. As always, I am very excited to learn more. 
Shadman Samin

Shadman Samin is a rising junior majoring in Physics and minoring in Computer Science. He is interning atOHSU(Oregon Health and Science University) during Summer 2012, under Professor Steven Jacques in Biomedical Engineering. The current research works include Optical Methods for Clinical Medicine and basic Biomedical research. One of the many projects he would be working on is developing interferometric assessment of the nanoscale architecture of the nucleus of a cell. He would also be taking weekly graduate classes from Professor Jacques on microscopy, optical fibers, instrumentation and computational analysis and Biophotonics, to learn techniques and basics before getting involved in any particular project. He is pursuing this internship as a part of his long-term endeavour into Engineering for his Graduate Studies. 




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