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How Your Generosity Affects Your Kids

March 01, 2011

Have you thought about including Lewis & Clark in your estate plan—as the beneficiary of your retirement plan assets or as a recipient in your will, for example—but hesitated because you were worried about providing for your family? Research reveals how your loved ones really feel about sharing a piece of their inheritance with a nonprofit.

Researchers posed the following question to the 31 percent of Americans aged 30+ who expect to or have already received an inheritance:

“Suppose someone other than your spouse were to leave you an inheritance. If they had also decided a nonprofit organization would get a percentage, something like 5 percent to 10 percent, in all honesty, do you think you would wish they had left 100 percent to individuals rather than to organizations, or do you think a gift to an organization is a reasonable choice?”


The Results: How Loved Ones Really Feel About Sharing Their Inheritance1


72%: A gift to an organization is a reasonable choice. 17%: Not sure. 11%: Wish 100% would go to individuals

Every Bit Helps
Please keep this in mind when you are making your plans for the future. Even a small percentage can make a significant impact at Lewis & Clark. Contact Sharon Bosserman-Benson for the Undergraduate or the Graduate School at 503-768-7911, 800-753-9292, or, or the Law School development office at 503-768-6901 or


1Source: “2009 Stelter Donor Insight Report”

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