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Student Organization Fundraising Request

Fundraisers include on and off campus events where admission is charged, the sale of goods or services, or direct solicitation for worthy causes. This form and all required notifications must  be submitted to Student Activities at least two weeks prior to your fundraising event.

Please note that the Templeton Campus Center is central hub on campus connecting students, faculty, and staff as well as various departments and offices. Because Templeton is an ideal location to hold your fundraiser, please remember that others use these shared spaces and it is important that you are respectful of and do not disrupt others.

Recognized Student Organizations selling products need to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. If items directly compete with other campus services, the approval of the Director of Student Activities is required.
  2. Items must be reasonably priced and represent a fair deal for purchase – Items must be quality products in good taste.
  3. Items must not be messy, loud, offensive, or disturbing.

Locations for fundraisers may be in the Templeton Campus Center and the south patio/lobby of JR Howard Hall. Any advertising associated with fundraising, including signage at or during the fundraiser, must be in accordance with the Posting Procedures for Templeton Campus Center.

Please contact Conferences and Events at to reserve a space for your fundraiser and request the tables, chairs, garbage cans, and recycling bins you need for your fundraiser.

Please do not hesitate to contact Student Activities if you need any assistance with completing this form.

Student Organizations

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