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Ethnic Studies

Ray Warren Multicultural Symposium: Panel Discussion

Date: 11:30am - 1:00pm PST November 10, 2011 Location: Templeton Campus Center

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Templeton Campus Center

Talking About Race: The Language We Use in Our Classrooms and Communities 
What is the rhetoric used surrounding race? How do the choices we make in language influence and inform our social interactions? What should we expect for the future of dialogue about race? This panel discusses how social dynamics impact the way individuals choose (not) to engage over issues of race, culture and ethnicity. Strategies for improving our discourse will also be discussed.
Moderator: Tracy Nguyen-Chung, L&Cā€™07, Office of Multicultural Affairs Program Coordinator
Dyan Watson
, L&C Graduate School, Assistant Professor of Education (Social Studies)
Afifa Ahmed-Shafi, City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement
Marisol Jenkins, L&C ā€˜15
Blaze Starkey, L&C ā€˜12
Aukeem Ballard
, L&C ā€™11, Woodrow Wilson Fellow

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Ethnic Studies

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