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Ethnic Studies

Ray Warren Multicultural Symposium: Ethnic Studies Colloquium: “Race, Place, and Power”

Date: 9:30am - 11:00am PST November 10, 2011 Location: JR Howard Room 121

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JR Howard Room 121

Ethnic Studies Colloquium: “Race, Place, and Power” 

Become a part of the community discussion.  No outside reading is required but materials related to the topic can be found at

This interdisciplinary class examines the cultural geography of segregation and inequality, and how ethnic and racial minorities have resisted and reclaimed segregated spaces.  Join the ethnic studies students as they open up their class to the community
with a discussion of the prison-industrial complex.  Themes that will be explored include the origins and rise of the current prison boom, the relationship between prisons and the political economy, the spatial dimensions of the “carceral landscape,” racism in the criminal justice system, and how the nature of the prison system relates to (or complicates) our understanding of “multiculturalism.”

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Ethnic Studies

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