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Environmental Studies

Environmental Affairs Symposium - Panel: Birth, Life, and Death of Cities

Date: 3:00pm - 4:30pm PDT October 13, 2011 Location: Stamm Hall

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Stamm Hall

Cities have life histories. They are born, they grow and expand, and they may even become “world cities” of global ubiquity.  But cities also can reach a critical peak, lose potency, and falter.  From natural disasters to economic busts, history reveals the range of factors that can kill or shrink a city.  What sparks the birth of a city? What gives a city vitality?  Do cities ever truly “die,” and what does that look like? This panel will explore these questions with perspectives both modern and historical.

Participating panelists: Terry Schwarz (Kent State University); Carl Abbott (Portland State University); Arthur O’Sullivan (Lewis & Clark College)

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Environmental Studies

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