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Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

Race Monologues First Meeting

Date: 6:00pm PDT September 11, 2011 Location: Thayer (in Templeton center)

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Thayer (in Templeton center)

You have a story? We want you to share it. No experience needed….except for your own!

What are Race Monologues?
It is a presentation of voices expressing what it is to live in one’s skin, ethnicity, diversity. The oratory mediums vary from spoken-word to story-telling, from poetry to actual dialog. However, all of the pieces are written by the presenters themselves. 

But I can’t write!

Sure you can! Every week we will meet as a group for an hour. In that hour we will have writing workshops to help you not only think about YOUR story but also how to write it.

 But I hate public speaking!

 Public speaking can be scary but we will be with you every step of the way. Additionally to the writing workshops, we will have exercises and workshops that will make you more comfortable with the idea of speaking in front of people. What better way to make your speaking debut than speaking about YOUR story?

How much of a time commitment is it?

Every Sunday from 6:00-7:30pm we will meet as a group. If you would like one-on-one help with writing or speaking outside of those meetings we will arrange private sessions.

Still unsure?

That’s fine! Come to our first meeting on Sunday September 11th at 6pm in Thayer and get a better sense of the process and we will go from there


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Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

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