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Meet Your Major 2013

Date: 5:45pm PDT October 22, 2013 - 8:00pm October 23, 2013 Location: J.R. Howard Hall

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J.R. Howard Hall



Unsure about your major? Come hear from departments and programs about why their major is the most exciting around!

Already declared? Learn from faculty and upperclassmen what’s coming up - in the next few years and afterward.

Attend up to four events over two evenings, and make or confirm your choice. Each gathering will start with a short presentation, so be on time!


October 22  


Department Room Location
  Biology BioPsych Conference Room
  Biochemistry/Molecular Biology JR Howard 243
  Foreign Languages Miller 3rd Floor Lobby
  International Affairs JR Howard 103
  Physics Olin 204
  Political Science JR Howard 302
  Theatre Black Box
6:45pm Department Room Location
  Art/Art History Fields 304
  Classics JR Howard 243
  English Miller 4th Floor Lobby
  Philosophy JR Howard 259
Wednesday October 23  
 5:45pm Department Room
  East Asian Studies Miller 207
  Economics JR Howard 103
  Math/Computer Science BoDine 300
  Music Seitz Lounge 123
  Sociology/Anthropology JR Howard 302
6:45pm Department Room Location
  Chemistry Olin Lounge 100
  Rhetoric & Media Studies JR Howard 302
  Environmental Studies JR Howard 259
  History Miller 4th Floor Lobby
  Psychology JR Howard 103

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