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Exhibit: Color Theory, Albers to Itten

Date: November 25, 2014 - January 31, 2015 Location: Watzek Library, 3rd floor

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Watzek Library, 3rd floor

Watzek’s Special Collections and Visual Resources Center are pleased to announce a new exhibit on Color Theory, as displayed through Special Collections holdings from the Josef Albers’ 1963 classic tome, The Interaction of Color. Stop by the 3rd floor of Watzek to see three silkscreened teaching cards from this rare original as well as works by LC faculty Debra Beers and Cara Tomlinson.


In the display, Albers’ work is paired with Johannes Itten’s The Elements of Color, 1970. Albers’ and Itten’s masterworks represent some of the pioneering thought that formed the foundation of modern studio art practice and education based upon color theory, impacting pedagogy, studio practice, graphic design, industrial design and related fields. Albers and Itten emphasize, among other things, the importance of creating color charts, scales, and wheels to realize the way in which complementary and analogous colors interact, impact, or “vibrate” off one another when placed in context with each other. Check out Watzek’s related book, The Color Chart, reinventing color: from 1950 to today for more examples of how the color chart has impacted myriad fields, from art to design, in everyday life.


We’ve included selections from Special Collections including a 1979 Gustave Klimt pencil sketch from Erotic Drawings; a botanical illustration from An Oak Spring flora: flower illustration from the fifteenth century to the present time (1997); original work by artist Anna Hepler from the 2000 Exhibition CONDUIT at LOOP Alternative Space in Seoul, Korea; and Tom Phillips, works, texts : to 1974 (1975), conveying a color chart he made in the studio with notes.


You may also recognize two of the artists pamphlets displayed in the case. One is Senior Lecturer and Head of Drawing, Debra Beers’ oil and frottage piece from the 2014 Faculty Exhibition, entitled Cleo’s Farewell (2013). The other is Associate Professor of Painting, Cara Tomlinson’s oil on linen piece, Selfstarter (2009), from the 2011 Faculty Exhibition. Both Exhibitions were held at the Eric & Ronna Hoffman Gallery here on campus.


We anticipate the display remaining up until Spring term, when we hope to collaborate with students and/or faculty on a new display. Until then, we hope you enjoy!

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