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Teaching Excellence Program

Inclusive Pedagogy

Date: 1:00pm - 1:45pm PST January 30 Location: John Howard Hall 302

John Howard Hall 302

The University of Michigan’s Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) provides a checklist of inclusive strategies and suggests that instructors in any discipline “can take deliberate steps to ensure that all students feel welcomed and valued as part of the learning community.” In order to Set the Tone for an Inclusive Classroom, faculty are encouraged to: (1) Establish clear expectations and goals for classroom interactions, (2) Build rapport and community, (3) Model inclusive language that acknowledges student differences, (4) Help students develop awareness of multiple visible and invisible identities in the classroom, and (5) Address tensions or problematic patterns of interaction. 
Maha Bali (Associate Professor of Practice at the Center for Learning & Teaching at the American University in Cairo) and Steve Greenlaw (Professor of Economics at the University of Mary Washington) provide additional Tips for Inclusive Teaching. Professors Bali and Greenlaw remind us that the reasons why students feel included (or not) may vary, and the first step toward inclusion is to “determine what the problem is for each particular class.” 
Here are some questions to consider:
  • How do you define inclusive pedagogy?
  • How do you know if students feel included in your classroom?
  • Which of the inclusive pedagogical practices listed above comes most easily to you? Least easily?
  • What strategies have you used so far this semester to help students feel welcomed and valued in your classroom?
  • What new strategies would you like to try?

 Additional Reading:

Simple Strategies to Develop Rapport with Students and Build a Positive Classroom Climate

All TEP Pedagogy Lunches last about an hour and meet in the conference room in JR Howard Hall 302 (unless stated otherwise). You are welcome to bring your own lunch. Coffee, tea, and cookies are provided.  

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