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Interdisciplinary panel discussion on the current crisis in Ukraine

Date: 4:30pm PDT April 2, 2014 Location: Howard Residence Hall

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Howard Residence Hall

Join Lewis & Clark faculty for an interdisciplinary panel discussion on the current crisis in Ukraine and its international implications.  Come hear a variety of perspectives on what’s happening in Ukraine and what it means for post-Cold War history.  The panel will be followed by questions and answers.

Mediator:  Rebecca Pyatkevich (Russian)

Panelists:  Tatiana Osipovich (Russian):  A brief history of the crisis in

                  Leah Gilbert (Political Science):  Politics in Putin’s Russia

                  Maureen Healy (History):  Contested Historical Memories in Ukraine
                  and Crimea

                  Cyrus Partovi (International Affairs):  The Cold War Never Ended


Wednesday, April 2nd at 4:30 pm

J.R. Howard Hall 202

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