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Gender Studies Symposium

Gender Studies Symposium Keynote: Defective, Deficient, Burdensome: Thinking about Bad Bodies

Date: 7:00pm PST March 8 Location: Templeton Campus Center, council chamber

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    credit Samuel Lurie
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Templeton Campus Center, council chamber

7 p.m., Templeton Campus Center, Council Chamber
*Keynote Presentation
Defective, Deficient, Burdensome: Thinking about Bad Bodies
Eli Clare, writer, speaker, and activist

Introduced by Daena Goldsmith, L&C professor of rhetoric and media studies

Presentation abstract: Across the centuries, many communities have been declared inherently defective: white women suffragists fighting for the right to vote, called defective as a way of undercutting their demands; Black people kidnapped from Africa and enslaved in the Americas, named defective as a way to justify and strengthen the institution of slavery; lesbians and gay men declared defective in 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s and given hormones and shock therapy to cure their homosexuality. Join Eli Clare as he uses history, storytelling, and poetry to examine  ways in which some bodies and communities are named as bad. Ranging widely from police brutality to disability-based bullying, he reveals the deep damage done by the notion of defectiveness.

Sign language interpretation in American Sign Language (ASL) will be provided.


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