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Seattle Alumni Presentation: Serpent Handling Pentecostals by Julia Duin ’78

Date: 3:00pm - 4:45pm PST March 5, 2017

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Join alumni of the Lewis & Clark College of Arts and Sciences in the Puget Sound area for rotating monthly events, organized by local alumni. Everyone is welcome. If you have questions, please contact Merrilee MacLean ’74 at

Please join us for presentation on 
Serpent Handling Pentecostals
Northgate Library, Lecture Room
10548 5th Avenue, Seattle 98125

Sunday, March 5, 3 to 4:45 pm

Julia Duin ’78, always wanted to be a journalist and spent several decades as a writer and editor for several newspapers. Her strangest assignment was to write an article on serpent-handling Pentecostals in West Virginia. The story turned into a piece for the Washington Post, and then the Wall Street Journal. She wrote more articles and spent two years researching people who handle snakes during worship, based on an obscure reading of Mark 16:17-18 in the New Testament of the Bible.

Duin has written a book, due in the fall, on why people hold these beliefs. She will share her research as to what makes these folks tick and why these handlers are willing to die for their faith.

If you are interested in events in the Puget Sound area but are unable to attend this month, please contact Merrilee MacLean at or Joe Mitter at to be added to the email notice list.

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