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Peace Corps Tabling Session

Date: 10:00am PST February 22, 2017 - 2:30pm February 23, 2017

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    Peace Corps

J.R. Howard Hall

“It’s never too early to plan your application to the Peace Corps” says Scot Roskelley, Peace Corps recruiter for the state of Oregon. “The earlier a student talks to me, the easier it is to determine the type of volunteer assignment that student is best suited for and the more time he or she has to gain experience that may help qualify the student for that volunteer assignment when it is time to apply (which is typically the beginning of one’s senior year).


The Peace Corps provides volunteers to more than 60 countries for 27-month assignments. There is no out-of-pocket costs for volunteers.  Travel to and from the country and living expenses are paid by the federal government. Once volunteers return to the U.S., they have enhanced hiring status for one year for federal government jobs.  It’s a great way to help others, broaden your global perspective, and enhance your resume.

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Scot Roskelley
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