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Philosophy Colloquium Series: Language, the Parent of Thought: Hegel and Language, According to Vernon, McCumber, and Forster

Date: 3:30pm - 5:00pm PDT September 27, 2013 Location: JRHH 202

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JRHH 202

By co-authors Samantha Park Alibrando, J. M. Fritzman, Sarah Marchand Lomas, and McKenzie Judith Southworth:

Hegelian dialectics has three moments, as everyone knows, except when it has more.  Our paper has four.  We read Hegel on language through critiques of the interpretations given by Jim Vernon, John McCumber—followed by an excursus linking monistic Kaśmiri Śaivism’s mantras with Hegel’s mechanical memory—and Michael N. Forster.   

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Claire Kodachi
JRHH 224
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